13 – Christophe Mallet: CEO of BodySwaps

13 – Christophe Mallet: CEO of BodySwaps

Published: 05-04-2023
Updated: 26-05-2023

We sat down with Christophe Mallet, CEO of BodySwaps for EP13 of the VRX Podcast.

During the interview, we delved into Christophe’s captivating journey in the VR industry, exploring his beginnings in marketing, and how he utilized academia and the rigorous standards of mental health training to carve out and establish the product of BodySwaps, The premier VR soft skills training platform.

We dive into the VR education industry with Christophe, gaining a fascinating perspective not only on the impressive strides made by BodySwaps but also on how a wide range of sectors leverage VR education.

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