Announcement, Apple VR Headset! Recap of Apple’s WWDC Event

Announcement, Apple VR Headset! Recap of Apple’s WWDC Event

Published: 05-06-2023
Updated: 06-06-2023

After numerous rumours, speculations, and leaks, the highly anticipated Apple VR headset has finally been revealed at the WWDC event, named the Apple Vision Pro. This premium mixed-reality device boasts mind-blowing performance and visuals that will undoubtedly rival the Meta Quest Pro.

Here is what Apple announced.

What is Confirmed for the Apple VR Headset

Processor and GPUApple Silicon M2 & Apple R1 Chip
Dedicated sound chipH2 processor (no headphone jack)
Storage128 GB/256 GB
Battery Life2 hours (hot-swappable battery)
DisplayDual micro-OLEDs by Sony
Resolution4,000 x 4,000 per eye
Refresh Rate90Hz/120Hz/144Hz
Field of View120°
Pixels Per Degree32 PPD
Weight300 Grams / 400 Grams
Tracking6 DoF Standalone
Eye TrackingYes
Hand & Finger TrackingYes
Face TrackingYes
Voice CommandYes
Mixed RealityYes, from a dedicated spatial LiDAR sensor
Operating SystemVision OS
ConnectivityWiFi 6E and Bluetooth 5.3
Release DateEarly 2024

What Does the Apple VR Headset Look Like?

The Apple Vision Pro resembles skiing goggles more than any other headset currently on the market, including the Meta Quest Pro, Pico 4, and HTC Vive XR Elite, all of which have adopted a similar design. Notably, the Apple Vision Pro stands out as the slimmest among its competitors. True to Apple’s signature style, it features a visually appealing design crafted with premium materials and impeccable build quality.

Taking a cue from Magic Leap, Apple has cleverly positioned the battery and processing components in an external add-on. This means that the headset is incredibly lightweight, with a cable extending from the device to your pocket.

Other Exciting Announcements from Apple

In addition to the much-anticipated VR headset, Apple made several other noteworthy announcements during the event.