Apples new AR headset to have Mac level power

Apples new AR headset to have Mac level power

Published: 13-12-2021
Updated: 17-03-2023

The long awaited AR headset that Apple announced it’s working on finally has a launch date – it’s reported that the device will be launched in the last quarter of 2022 according to the well-known analyst Ming-chi Kuo. In March, Kuo diligently predicted that Apple will be releasing its AR headset in 2022. He also has shed light on some other interesting features and technical details on the device in recent days.

What did Kuo report

Kuo’s report hints to the fact that Apple may do the same thing with its AR set that it did with the original Apple Watch, iPad, and iPhone. It’s likely that the tech giant will announce the device next year but will probably take a lot of time to actually introduce the device on the market. So, it’s still better to keep your fingers crossed.

Kuo predicts that the Apple AR headset will be built-in with the powerful M1 chip – providing users with unparalleled computing power comparable to the Mac. The new processor if true will provide the device with capabilities far beyond that of the industry-standard Snapdragon XR-2 found in the Pico Neo 3 Pro, HTC Vive Focus 3 and Oculus Quest 2. Further, the device will be designed to function independently – which means it won’t require an iPhone or a Mac. Finally, the device will be the first headset that is compatible with the Apple ecosystem.

vr expert - apple m1 chip

AR and VR Functionalities

According to Kuo, Apple’s AR headset won’t just have augmented reality features. But the device can render deeply immersive virtual reality experiences as well. That’s because Apple will be featuring 4K micro OLED displays, manufactured by Sony. Moreover, this is also possible because of the powerful M1 chip, which is specifically designed to support the OLED display.

The reason Apple’s using a separate processor for the headset is because of it’s incredible computing process – which is considerably more powerful than the iPhone. Arriving in the last quarter of 2022, Kuo also stated that Apple’s focus is on developing something that can render a massive amount of applications. This is geared to gradually yet completely replace the iPhone in the next ten years.

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Also, Kuo states that so far it seems that Apple’s AR headset will operate on standalone software. This means that even if the device is marketed as a powerful accessory to the iPhone or the Mac, it will have its own technological ecosystem and will function independently providing a flexible and immersive experience

When can we expect it?

While you might have to wait a while to get your hands on Apple’s AR headset, you can find some consolation in the fact the tech giant will be launching its powerful AR device towards the end of 2022.