Best 10 Games and Demos on the Pico 4

Best 10 Games and Demos on the Pico 4

By sander
Published: 23-09-2022
Updated: 31-01-2023

One of the most common questions we get when new VR headsets come out is what games and demos should I play? With the Pico 4 it is no different. So after weeks of playing and testing I compiled a list of the best 10 games and demos to play on the Pico 4 VR headset

Disclaimer, the list is not in order and is made up of games from the Pico store and SteamVR platforms. 

Table of the 10 best games and demos on the Pico 4

Title Genre Platform
A Fisherman’s Tale Narrative-driven adventure, physics puzzler Pico Store
A Township Tale MMORPG adventure-survival SteamVR
Cubism Relaxing puzzler Pico Store
DEMEO tabletop RPG, co-op, party game Pico Store
Green Hell VR Adventure-survival SteamVR
Microsoft Flight Simulator Flight Sim SteamVR
Ragnarock Rhythm game Pico Store
Superhot VR Puzzle-shooter Pico Store
SWARM Action-shooter Pico Store
Walkabout: VR Minigolf Arcade sports, minigolf Pico Store

A Fisherman’s Tale

Platform: Pico Store

Genre: Narrative-driven adventure, physics puzzler

Winning the VR game of the year award in 2019, A Fisherman’s Tale is a captivating narrative-driven VR adventure and physics puzzler.

A Township Tale

Platform: SteamVR

Genre: MMORPG adventure-survival

A Township Tale is a game where you build a town from scratch and fight off enemies with increasingly advanced weapons and equipment. However, a word of caution; A Township Tale is an early-access game which means new features are added all the time, and bugs are still being fixed. With that being said, this open-world online adventure/survival game offers something genuinely eye-opening and unique in VR gaming, making its potential worth supporting.


Platform: Pico Store

Genre: Relaxing puzzler

While it may appear to be a smartphone F2P game, Cubism is actually a fascinating and soothing puzzle game. So put your spatial reasoning to the test with 90 cube challenges that can be completed using Pico 4’s built-in hand tracking.


Platform: Pico Store

Genre: Tabletop RPG, co-op, party game

Inspired by tabletop RPGs like Dungeons & Dragons, this co-op party VR game puts you in randomly generated dungeons lasting anywhere from 5 minutes to 2 hours. So if you want to take your tabletop RPG gaming to the next level with your friends, then Resolution Games – the developer – is constantly adding new content to the title.

Green Hell VR

Platform: SteamVR

Genre: Adventure-survival

Fish, hunt, build, and explore; Green Hell VR gives you an unbelievable survival experience in virtual reality. You play as Jake Higgins, an anthropologist, stepping into the Amazon jungle where you will have to build shelters and use various tools for survival. The scenery is both deadly and gorgeous, and you will find out there is more than meets the eye in this story.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Platform: SteamVR

Genre: Flight Simulator

Fly around the world and go traveling from your home. To develop Microsoft Flight Simulator, Microsoft used over two petabytes of real satellite world map data to create this awe-inspiring and immersive flight simulator. But be careful, it is a deceptively engaging VR game: if you have ever played Euro Truck Simulator, you know what I am talking about.


Platform: Pico Store

Genre: Rhythm Game

Ragnarock is a VR rhythm game based on themes from Vikings and Nordic mythology mixed in with Finnish metal music. Players will control their longship based on their performance to the pumping heavy and rock music. It is a riff on the Beat Saber rhythm game genre, and we are all for it!

Superhot VR

Platform: Pico Store

Genre: Puzzle-shooter

Despite its half-a-decade age, the stylized art direction of greyscale with popping orange figures is timeless. Superhot VR is the original puzzler-shooter game taken to the next level as time only moves when you move, turning you into a first-person Max Payne or The Matrix slow-motion shootout scene. This game is a must.


Platform: Pico Store

Genre: Action-Shooter

The heart-pumping action shooter with grappling-hook mechanics makes you feel like Levi from Attack on Titan. In short, you’ll be glued to your Neo 4 headset during every play session with SWARM. Just keep in mind that while shooting drones in midair is exciting, you may experience some dizziness.

Walkabout: VR Minigolf

Platform: Pico Store

Genre: Arcade sports, minigolf

Walkabout Mini Golf will transport you to a tropical paradise, a snow-crested castle ruin, and a barren desert while you experience solid mini golf mechanics. In other words, if you want the whimsical and fantastical levels of real minigolf to turn into the virtual reality worlds you are in, Walkabout: VR Minigolf is highly recommended.

If you think we missed any games or don’t agree with any of the games in the list let us know in the comments below.