Best 10 VR racing games in 2023

Best 10 VR racing games in 2023

Published: 24-04-2023
Updated: 26-05-2023

The VR game genre that seems tailor-made for virtual reality is racing games. Thus, we frequently get questions asking for the best VR racing games. Well, this article is for you and should help you in choosing the best VR racing game for you.

Disclaimer: the list is not in order, but all are worth checking out.

Here are the ten VR racing games featured:



Review Score

Assetto Corsa



Project CARS 3, and Project CARS 2


45% (see reasoning below)

Gran Turismo 7

PlayStation Store

82% (Metacritic)

Assetto Corsa Competizione



DiRT Rally 2.0



Gran Turismo Sport

Other stores (eBay, Amazon)


Dash Dash World






Automobilista 2



Euro Truck Simulator 2, and American Truck Simulator



The best VR racing game: iRacing

Because iRacing demands you empty your wallet, a great budget racing sim is Assetto Corsa. Like some of the other racing titles on this list, Assetto Corsa takes immense care in realism, to the point that their tracks and cars are LiDAR scanned, capturing all details, curves, turns, and bumps. This care also comes at its detriment, as the VR game could feature more tracks and cars. Thus, we recommend delving into the many free mods for Assetto Corsa by subscribing to some content-rich Discord servers. So with the combination of the free content and the excellent driving mechanics, Assetto Corsa is our pick if you have an Oculus Quest 2, as its dated launch date means the graphics aren’t as crisp as some other titles on this list.

The best alternative VR racing game: Project CARS 3

Project CARS 3 is the third and newest racing title in the titular driving sim series of Project CARS. The reason for this ‘alternative spot’ on this list is that Project CARS 3 delivers bite-sized racing experiences and a career mode that differs significantly from its predecessors and explains many of the lukewarm reviews the title received upon launch. It is quite stylized and resembles best the racing game Grid from 2008. So what you get is a generous selection of fast road cars, race cars, GT’ers, and more. All in all, delivering a great alternative for the racer who doesn’t want to be sucked into the world of racing but seeks bite-sized races when they come home from school or work.

But yes, the team behind the Project CARS series did make a complete departure from its ‘easy’ racing simulator compared to iRacing and Assetto Corsa, so if you want a more forgiving racing sim, opt for Project CARS 2.

The best PSVR 2 racing game: Gran Turismo 7

It is no surprise the best VR racing game for the new PSVR 2 is the exclusive Gran Turismo 7. A racing game series that in 1997 launched on the first PlayStation and established the seminal link between PlayStation and racing games. In 2023, with the powerful VR plug-and-play experience that the PSVR 2 offers, Gran Turismo 7 delivers enough depth to satisfy the racing sim nerd and enough training wheels for the racing layman to enjoy the title. Three parts stand out – besides the stellar and immersive driving experience – I loved that no microtransactions are vying for my wallet, that free updates are released for the game consistently, and the progression is slowly easing you in suddenly capturing hours of your VR game time. Oh, and the go-kart mode will raise your blood pressure, speeding so low to the virtual ground and the in-headset haptics rumbling profusely when I try to side-swipe my opponents into the railing.

The best VR racing game on SteamVR: Assetto Corsa Competizione

Where Assetto Corsa is a drifter, its newer sequel from the same developer, Assetto Corsa Competizione, is a GT-style VR racing game. Thus Competizione is hyper-focused on one racing sim gamer: the GT3 Endurance sort. Because not only does it require a beefy PC to push the high-speed pixels in Competizione, but initial reviews when it released were mediocre for one because gamers wished for an Assetto Corsa 2, or two because the reviewer wasn’t a GT3 racing fan. So don’t let the reviews shy you away from this stellar VR racing cross game.

The best rally VR racing game: DiRT Rally 2.0

My favorite VR racing genre is rally games because they offer the most immersion. It is incredibly engrossing to be behind the wheel in VR while your components in rally cross skirt past you and spray mud on your windshield, blinding you in a brief moment that can result in a crash. DiRT Rally 2.0 will offer the best rally experience for die-hard gearheads and laymen alike. For example, DiRT Rally 2.0 will prompt you to either bring a spare tire that adds weight and slows you down or do you chance it and race without one.

An underrated feature in rally games is how realistic the directions your co-driver gives you are, and in DiRT Rally 2.0, they are taken directly from the World Rally Championship. Combine this with excellent handling that changes between dirt road, mud, and hard tarmac, add some delightful weather effects, which also change how you drive, and you got DiRT Rally 2.0.

The best PS VR racing game: Gran Turismo Sport

If you are one of the few who dust off their PlayStation VR headset, then Gran Turismo Sport is the racing game for you if you haven’t already picked it up. While it is not a racing sim for motorheads, Gran Turismo Sport punches above its weight in visual detail and fun factor. However, we recommend opting for one of the other VR racing games on this list, as GT Sport has become quite dated.

The best arcade VR racing game: Dash Dash World

If you always wanted a VR Mario Kart but can’t find the right fit, check out Dash Dash World. Because what makes DD World the best VR arcade racing game is its combination between solid shooting mechanics, dynamic track hazards, and fun handling. One of the best aspects of this VR racing game is that it started its journey in early access, which meant the devs could test, balance, and tinker with game mechanics before the current full release. And when that wasn’t enough, then Dash Dash World features plenty of car customization, campaign, up to 8-player online races, challenges, and achievements amounting to over 100 hours of gameplay. Hands down, Dash Dash World is the best VR arcade racing game out in 2023.

The most realistic VR driving simulator: iRacing

iRacing is the Elite Dangerous for racing games. The curious aspect of iRacing is its focus on being the most car and racing enthusiast title out there. Which means its cost is daunting. You don’t make a one-time payment for iRacing, instead, it is a subscription for either $13 per month, $110 for one year, or $199 for two years (that is if you don’t catch a deal that they frequently have). Already, here you know if this racing sim is for you, because for the right race drivers, this pricing model doesn’t scare away. What you get for these doll hairs is an advanced racing sim that delivers an unparalleled realistic track racing experience. For example, you don’t just pick a track and drive against AI – you connect with live race events other drivers join, competing against them online. While needless to say the driving mechanics and physics are more than ‘on point’. In other words, iRacing is the quintessential VR racing sim if money is no issue.

The best themed VR racing game: Automobilista 2

To differentiate itself from the racing pack, Automobilista 2 concentrates on Brazilian motorsports by featuring tournaments, tracks, and manufacturers local to Brazil. Its car selection is great – especially its prototype vehicles – and with the numerous DLCs available adding hours to the racer means it is a great themed VR racing sim. So while it is not the most arcadey or realistic racing sim, Automobilista 2 Brazilian atmosphere and sense of location hammers this VR game home to be on this list.

The best relaxing VR racing game: Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator

One of the most low-key games of all time is Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator. It is hard to describe the utter tranquility and flow of zen you get when trucking down the highways of the varied European countries or the vast expanses of the US. These two management and simulation experiences manage to be challenging enough to not be boring but easy enough to be relaxing. But all of these perks propel themselves to new heights when you fire these two sims up in virtual reality. I particularly love the full motion simulation when you can look ‘out of your side window’ when attempting to park and deliver your goods. So download your favorite podcast series, place them into the ‘music’ folder, and play it from the audio system of your truck. Chef’s kiss.