Best 7 Accessories for the Meta Quest Pro

Best 7 Accessories for the Meta Quest Pro

Published: 16-05-2023
Updated: 25-05-2023

Below we highlight the best Accessories for the Meta Quest Pro in 2023, enabling you to get the most out of your VR headset while taking full advantage of its powerful features.

The Meta Quest Pro offers powerful features and consistent free updates since launch making the headset significantly better than on the launch date. Thus, this article will list the best accessories you may want to consider to customize and personalize your new mixed reality Meta Quest Pro powerhouse.

The Best Headstraps for Meta Quest Pro

Accessories for the Meta Quest Pro

While most of us in the office – myself included – didn’t experience issues with the forehead comfort of the Quest Pro, a few did, and that is where a quality head strap and forehead pad come in.

The Meta stock forehead pad arriving in the box is a rubberized and thinly padded pad that barely supports the forehead. 

Best Alternative headstrap for the Quest Pro

Thus the best alternative is the Forehead Cushion Pad from VRMASTER, priced at almost $20 from Amazon. This pad uses a softer and denser memory foam while also supporting the weight through a taller surface area. Yet, the larger pad doesn’t result in sweat or heat as the material allows it to breathe better than the stock option. The one complaint is that it isn’t compatible with the popular DeadEyeVR Quest Pro Head Strap for $20 on Etsy.

Best Budget headstrap for the Quest Pro

Speaking of head straps, for the most budget-friendly solution that does the job admirably with the forehead cushion, we have the 3D printed Meta Quest Pro Head Strap Comfort Mod from Etsy priced at only $10.

Best Premium headstrap for the Quest Pro

Alternatively, if you are seeking a head strap of higher quality, the Half Circle Halo Strap from VR Panda is neatly designed and has a premium feel. In fact, the option to slide the Circle strap closer to your forehead adds the level of comfort experienced on the PSVR 2, which is high praise. The default Circle Halo Strap will run you $28, and the pro version costs $38.

The Best Controller Grips for Meta Quest Pro

Accessories for the Meta Quest Pro

The price tag and quality of the Meta Quest Pro controllers demand a secure feel and zero risk of sliding out of your hands when you slice neon blocks with your lightsabers or during a VR workout. For this, we recommend the Quest Pro Upgraded Grips Cover, available in four colors and doesn’t break the bank with $16. And most importantly, you can charge the controllers from Meta’s charging dock with these grips.

The Best Light Blocker for the Meta Quest Pro

Accessories for the Meta Quest Pro

While the primary functionality of the Quest Pro is its mixed reality, sometimes you want to turn your headset into a fully immersive virtual reality device. However, doing this requires an attachable light blocker which doesn’t come with the headset, and the one from the Meta Store will run you a whopping $50. While the light blockers are attached, you cannot charge the headset either. So as an alternative, we recommend the 3D-printed blockers from MrTass priced at only $10. They don’t have the same premium feel, but they do the job and are a fifth of the price. They also attach around each lens and are significantly smaller, enabling you to charge your Quest Pro while attached.

The Best Battery pack for Meta Quest Pro

Accessories for the Meta Quest Pro

One of the issues we had with the Quest Pro was the limited battery life. Thus, many third-party options exist to extend the run time on your headset. We have tried quite a few and all of them impacted the delicate weight balance making the headset uncomfortable. Therefore, we recommend the Neck Battery Bank from AMVR priced at $32, snapping around your neck. We found the battery bank increases the run time of the Quest Pro by about 2 to 2.5 hours, effectively doubling its battery.

The Best Prescription Lenses for Meta Quest Pro

Accessories for the Meta Quest Pro

Unfortunately, with the lofty – although recently reduced – price tag of the Meta Quest Pro, it didn’t include an adjustable diopter for users who need prescription glasses to use the headset without their frames. Therefore, we see ourselves frequently recommending the quality prescription lens inserts from VR Optician priced at around $55. VR Optician’s products snap on magnetically and are scratch resistant with an anti-reflective coating. We can’t recommend these enough – I personally use these as a prescription glasses user.

The Best Headphones Accessories for Meta Quest Pro

Accessories for the Meta Quest Pro

The embedded 3D audio speakers on the Meta Quest Pro are decent and a delightful upgrade over the Oculus Quest 2 speakers. 

Best Bluetooth earbuds for Meta Quest Pro

Yet, you cannot beat a dedicated pair of headphones or earbuds. Our first recommendation is the tried-and-true Soundcore VR P10 for about $100, depending on sales. While the P10 does feature dual 3.5mm Jacks for tethered audio, the P10 are Bluetooth earbuds connected via a USB-C dongle and are small yet punchy with an improved audio experience.

Best on-ear headphones for Meta Quest Pro

Alternatively, if you have lost too many Bluetooth earbuds in your day and want a more secure fit, then the Globular Cluster Stereo VR Headphones is priced at $43. These strap-on earphone cups provide significantly more volume and deliver a deeper base than the embedded Quest Pro speakers can muster without impacting the delicate weight balance.

The Perfect Universal VR Stand

Accessories for the Meta Quest Pro

The Meta Quest Pro is a beautifully designed piece of immersive tech and should be displayed accordingly. Thus, you can’t go wrong with the universal VR headset stand from the well-known accessory brand KIWI Design. It will run you €23.99 and comes with a non-slip material ensuring your Quest Pro doesn’t slide off your table or shelf. In fact, the disaster that is replacing the lenses on the Quest Pro is expensive and time-consuming. Therefore, making sure a crack from a fall doesn’t occur is crucial as a premium VR headset first-mover.