Best 8 Valve Index Accessories

Best 8 Valve Index Accessories

Published: 20-03-2023
Updated: 20-03-2023

Below we list the best Valve Index accessories to buy in 2023, helping you get the most out of your virtual reality headset and PC VR gaming.

The Valve Index is one of the best PC VR experiences you can get even though it has been almost four years since its release. And while the VR landscape has changed with great alternatives like the powerful performance for great value Pico 4, or the ultimate plug-and-play VR experience from the PSVR 2: you can add and customize your Valve Index, tailoring it to fit your VR gaming needs.

The best prescription inserts accessory for Valve Index


  • Easy to install
  • scratch and UV light resistant
  • Great anti-reflection coating


  • A bit expensive but is of good quality

Naturally, the first Valve Index accessory on this list affects a lot of VR gamers, myself included, and that is prescription inserts attached to the lenses to remove the need for glasses.

While the Valve Index is one of the better ones to compensate for glasses users, it is not ideal, especially not after many hours of use.

So in our opinion, the VR Rock Valve Index Prescription Lens is the best quality for the price point insert. They come quickly and are scratch-resistant anti-UV light with an effective anti-reflection coating, removing visual aberrations that come with many alternative VR prescription inserts.

The perfect VR stand for the Valve Index


  • Simple and pleasing design for your Valve Index or other headsets
  • Easy to assemble
  • Convenient storage and display option
  • Affordable


  • No straps for extra security

For a minimalistic and affordable stand for your Valve Index, the KIWI Design VR headset stand is great for both displaying and storing your Valve Index with the controllers.

Yet, if you seek a sturdier design that brings more security to your gaming station, we recommend the Universal VR Headset stand.

Both stands also arrive with a 1-year guarantee.

Alternatively, if your desk is on the cluttered side or free space is a luxury, the Valve Index wall mount from Glistco in a hex design is great.

The best Valve Index face cover accessories

The 5-in-1 piece face gasket cover 


  • Increases comfort
  • Easy to use
  • Sweat resistant
  • Great value


  • Requires continual cleaning

One of the banes of VR gamers is sweat when playing action or high-octane games. It is inevitable if you are playing Beat Saber, Pavlov, or Hyber Dash, your face and forehead will get misty.

For this, you need a proper face gasket cover that can absorb your sweat without getting smelly. Thus we recommend the 5-in-1 piece face cover for VR headsets in general, both providing sweat resistance and increasing comfort from padded cushions.

Alternatively, you can get one-use face covers, which are cheaper but has to be changed constantly and is less environmentally friendly.

For when your Valve Index gets hot: the KIWI Design fan


  • Quiet and doesn’t ruin immersion
  • Easy to install behind the front Index cover
  • Keeps your headset and face cool


  • Seems niche for the $44 price tag

Specifically made for the Valve Index, the Kiwi radiator fan comes in handy more than you might think. For one, when there is a heatwave outside, and your room turns into a sauna, the heat you generate inside your Index cannot escape and so a cooling fan is crucial.

It might seem like one of those obscure recommendations, but once you try it and feel a consistently cool headset strapped to your face, you will know what I am talking about.

Combining play space safety and simulator sickness: cyber shoes & floor mat


  • Playmat keeps you in your play space through a tactile feel
  • Cypershoes add increased immersion and remove simulator sickness


  • The shoes can take a bit to fit properly
  • Expensive despite getting rolling shoes and a playmat

One of the challenges with outside-in and lighthouse tracked virtual reality is the contained playspace you need to be in, and while a guardian definitely helps, it usually isn’t enough.

In comes the Cypershoes for both Quest headsets and Valve Index. Yes, it is rather pricey, but rolling shoes not only increase immersion as you walk/run around the game world, but it also significantly decreases motion sickness. Plus when you don’t want to wear the shoes, you can use the included mat as your playmat.

Alternatively, if all you need is a playmat and you are on a budget, then standard and affordable yoga mats on Amazon work splendidly for this purpose – you don’t need VR-branded playmats.

To not have a dangling cable that gets in the way


  • A convenient way to store your cable
  • Quick plug-and-play experience in your playspace


  • Is not the most visually pleasing to have a cable holder hanging from your ceiling

We all know when the Index cable gets in the way, even shudder at the few memories of when it got yanked and a tiny heart attack ensued. So to remove this worry, the nifty KIWI 3-piece Silent VR cable management hangs from the ceiling and will always keep the cable away.

Alternatively, if you are looking for a more secure option, as it is made of metal, with the same functionality, then we recommend the TitanSkinVR Retractable system.

For always keeping the Valve Index lenses clean and clear 


  • Versatile cleaning pen design
  • Works on multiple VR headsets


  • A bit expensive compared to a microfiber cloth

While VR headsets, Valve Index included, don’t require much upkeep, the one part that does is the lens. Because over time, dirt, fingerprints, and dust land on top of the double-canted optics of the Index, which lessens the clarity and your VR experience. To combat this, the CNBEYOUNG Lens Cleaning Pen is a bit pricey but is the premium way of cleaning your headset’s optics and is very effective at it. 

If the price of the cleaning pen puts you off, then a disinfectant spray with a microfiber cloth is not as effective but still works wonders.

For the VR shooter enthusiast


  • High-quality carbon fiber VR gunstock
  • Unparalleled immersion in VR shooters online and offline
  • Reasonably priced VR gunstock
  • Easy to attach controllers through magnets


  • Very niche

For this last Valve Index accessory, we wanted to go the most niche, and that is the best VR gunstock. And with our research and testing of VR gunstocks, we find Glistco’s Carbon Fiber Magni Stock+ to be the best price-to-quality VR gunstock you can find. As of writing this list, this VR gunstock is $85 and is manufactured in Canada, while made of sturdy, yet light carbon fiber.