Best applications and games on the Meta Quest Pro in 2023

Best applications and games on the Meta Quest Pro in 2023

Published: 26-01-2023
Updated: 17-11-2023

The Meta Quest Pro has been out for some time now and in that time we have tried numerous applications, demos and games to help you get more out of your Meta Quest Pro. So here is an overview of the best applications and VR games on the Meta Quest Pro in 2023. 

To make it easier we have split up the applications and games on the Meta Quest Pro into some different categories:

Best mixed reality experiences and games on the Meta Quest Pro

Painting VR

While Meta’s Presence Platform was launched during Oculus / Meta Quest 2 lifecycle, the platform’s features for developers expanded with the Meta Quest Pro. And so the first mixed reality experience to take advantage of the Quest Pro is Painting VR, a powerful painting, sketching, and drawing simulator with a neat Social VR element of showcasing your works of art in a virtual studio or metaverse. If you have tried Tilt Brush, then you know first-hand how enjoyable painting in VR can be. In fact, a VR painting simulator will steal hours out of your day if you are not careful, speaking from experience. While Tilt Brush was initially owned by Google, it was made open-source in 2021.

Gravity Sketch

Alternatively, if you are looking for a sketching VR app with more capable 3D design features, Gravity Sketch is a well-known design tool for developing and ideating products. Interestingly, the included stylus tip with the Meta Quest Pro VR headset works wonderfully with Gravity Sketch.

Figmen XR

One of these games running on the Tilt Brush backend is Figmen XR. An open mixed reality platform where you can either create your own interactive and physics-based 3D objects in your living room or play what other users have created. We particularly enjoyed the mini golf MR game. However for now, Figmen XR is one to look out for as more User Generated Content is added.


Next, if you are an explorer-at-heart (like me), check out Wooorld. VR teleportation is one of the main selling points for the technology, but it is mixed reality where the category elevates. Wooorld enables you to get a 3D height map of anywhere in the world on your dinner table. But it is when you toggle on the street-view mode your experience turns into virtual reality that sells this MR application. While it is not the same as traveling to places in person, you can use this to decide where to go on vacation next. Also, it has a fun GeoGuesser mini-game that you can play with friends and family.


Meditation, in recent years, has taken over to provide a necessary reprieve from a hectic life while promising to increase one’s emotional intelligence. A VR and MR experience that will take your meditation to the next level is Tripp transforming your house into a stress-free and calming environment combined with meditative sounds and music. If you are intrigued, you can try out Tripp for free.

Best Social VR games on Meta Quest Pro

Tribe XR

If you are a music connoisseur or want to party, Tribe XR is tailor-made for you. It is a DJ and party simulator where you can hang out with friends in different virtual environments listening to your favorite music. The standout features of Tribe XR is its link with Soundcloud so you can add your own music and you can take classes on how to DJ and produce music. Lastly, with Meta Quest Pro, you can choose to have the DJ mixer in your living room with your friends around you.

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Best game to show Meta Quest Pro’s eye and face tracking

Horizon Worlds

One of the few XR games that show Meta Quest Pro’s impressive eye and face tracking features is Meta’s metaverse called Horizon Worlds. Unfortunately, if you are outside of the U.S. or Canada, you cannot yet enter this Social VR world. But if you can, wow your friends with how uncanny the Quest Pro can mimic facial expressions and eye contact.

Best overall games for Meta Quest Pro

Expect You To Die: Home Sweet Home

If you want a more traditional gaming experience that also takes advantage of the Quest Pro’s mixed reality, you need to check out I Expect You To Die: Home Sweet Home. Made by the same studio that made I Expect You To Die 1 and 2, topping many best VR games: ours included. Home Sweet Home is if I Expect You To Die was in your home, turning your house into an escape room through mixed reality, and even better, it is free.


The second title that shows the promise of MR gaming in the party and couch co-op genre, you have Demeo adding video pass-through support. This means you can delve into dungeons with your friends using an animated game board while seeing your friends around you.

Red Matter 2

If you want an excellent example of what dynamic foveated rendering brings to VR gaming, Red Matter 2 is the first VR game on Meta Quest Pro that fully supports foveated rendering. As a bonus, it is also a decent adventure-puzzle VR game.

Puzzling Places

An alternative to Tripp, the meditative MR app mentioned above, is the popular VR game Puzzling Places getting full video Passthrough support. If you don’t know this VR game, it is a calming 3D puzzle game that instantly transports you into a relaxing flow state. One aspect I rarely see mentioned when other outlets feature Puzzling Places is its stellar 3D sound design. For me, this is what makes this outstanding puzzle game, and now to be able to complete puzzles in your living room. Well, that is just a plus in my book.

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Best productivity applications for Meta Quest Pro

Horizon Workrooms (beta)

While this category is not a game and is tailored towards work, the opportunities Meta Quest Pro opens with remote work are impressive. First, Meta’s own Horizon Workrooms, despite being in beta, is an excellent work VR application to have virtual meetings and discuss ideas.


However, to truly showcase how mixed reality is here to revolutionize remote working, Immersed is the application you need to download to your new Quest Pro. Simply, Immersed lets you transform your office setup into a multi-screen productivity machine, and we are all here for it.


If we move the focus to more specified applications, then the interior design, architecture, and urban design app Arkio is one to highlight. When you begin, with a team of up to 24, designing a new room by placing another window to let in more light or experimenting with different types of furniture styles, you begin to notice the transformative effects Arkio has within the design professions. In addition, Arkio also has a Movement SDK, which means that you and your team are portrayed using eye and face tracking.


Mixed reality is a technology that will revolutionize the building and construction industry, together with manufacturing design, aggregated under the term Industry 4.0. Resolve is a virtual and mixed reality application aiming to achieve this by designing, rendering, and visualizing 3D building information models (BIMs) in VR and then building these in a manufacturing system to scale in mixed reality. And the cherry on top, Resolve is free.

Best educational MR experience for Meta Quest Pro


The best mixed reality application to learn biology and chemistry for the Meta Quest Pro is Nanome. With this MR app, you can expand or shrink molecular structures, track the distance between atoms in a more intuitive way for the human scale, or build chemical bonds using all the elements on the periodic table. Additionally, Nanome is compatible with worldwide scientific databases, meaning you can download designs, 3D models, and more from these to begin your scientific discovery of the microworlds of chemistry and biology.