Cisco Webex is now available on the Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2

Cisco Webex is now available on the Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2

Published: 20-12-2021
Updated: 31-01-2023

Google and Webex recently announced that Cisco Webex will be available on the Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2. The companies stated the partnership came about due to the organization’s shared values on revolutionizing the way we work. Both companies are investing in transformative tech, enabling frontline workers from different industries to work more safely and effectively. 

Webex expert on demand on Google Glass

Cisco Webex recently announced that it’s going to integrate their Webex Expert on Demand on Google Glass 2. Webex’s team collaboration solution is going to offer more in depth connectivity and an immersive solution that’s designed to support touchpad gestures, voice commands, and head movements to help complete routine assignments. 

These robust features will leverage the computing power of the Glass’ powerful Snapdragon XR-1 processor. This in combination with the device’s long battery life, powerful camera and transparent display, should allow remote experts and frontline workers to achieve increased effectiveness.

Enhanced collaboration for frontline workers 

The collaboration software on Glass is going to help frontline workers in a diverse range of industries like healthcare, transportation, retail, manufacturing, etc. providing an immersive heads-up display, allowing access to multiple features to optimize teamwork and increase productivity across the board. 

vr expert - google glass enterprise edtition 2 frontline workers

Some key features and benefits of Webex on demand

Webex Expert on Demand offers broad spectrum advantages and features designed to help workers navigate day to day workflows and assignments. the device will support document-sharing, offer instant annotation for quicker problem resolution, enhanced work experiences, and guarantee safety.  Here are some benefits in a nutshell.

Webex team calls
Workers can make a call to various team members in the Webex contact list.

Multi-party conference calls
Remote workers can organize multi-party conference calls and will be able to invite any number of additional workers or experts. 

Enhanced security
Webex Expert on Demand is integrated with advanced security protocols such as multifactor authentication, single sign-on, ADF services (Active Directory Federation) and end-to-end encryption. 

Document sharing
Workers can seamlessly share documents and image files with their team members or other remote workers during a call. 

The future of a connected workforce 

As remote working environments gain more prominence and distance becomes less of a problem. This is a good start for Google as it begins to grow its software solutions platform on the Enterprise Edition 2.