Fortnite VR is coming as Epic is bringing Fortnite into the metaverse

Fortnite VR is coming as Epic is bringing Fortnite into the metaverse

Published: 26-09-2022
Updated: 31-01-2023

A recent report from Fortnite leaker HypeX shows virtual reality code added to the Fortnite game. This combined with Epic Games’ investment in the metaverse, signals the battle royale game is on its path to launching Fortnite VR turning into one of the most popular metaverses.

Before its launch, Fortnite started as a single-player tower and horde defense game. Then after the battle royale genre blew up, Fortnite pivoted into a cartoony multiplayer battle royale shooter and gained widespread success, with around 3 million concurrent players logging onto the game every day, according to PlayerCounter.

Now, Fortnite is further pivoting into a social gathering place with online concerts by stars such as Ariana Grande.

However, this is now turning into virtual reality, as Epic Games, earlier this year, acquired $2bn (from, for example, the LEGO Group and Sony) for building its own metaverse, turning this digital gathering space into a social VR platform.

The latest in this development is that VR code has been added in Fortnite for Oculus Quest and Meta Quest 2 support, enabling it to function inside virtual reality with a first-person perspective – see Tweet below.

When virtual reality support is integrated for Fortnite, it will quickly increase VR adoption and the popularity of Fortnite.