HP and ArborXR launch new Mobile Device Management solution for enterprise VR deployments

HP and ArborXR launch new Mobile Device Management solution for enterprise VR deployments

Published: 24-03-2022
Updated: 04-12-2023

HP launches new mobile device management (MDM) solution designed to make deploying and managing large-scale virtual reality easier. The new platform is called HP ExtendXR and was developed in collaboration with ArborXR, an XR device management company.

Mobile device management solutions allow companies to streamline VR/AR set-up and grouping, deploy XR applications, manage headset software updates, toggle Kiosk Mode and set up customizable functionality – all from one central location.

HP and ArborXR partner up

HP with ExtendXR and under the banner of “Scale VR. Securely.” has partnered with VR-Expert partner, ArborXR, to co-develop its device management software for XR devices. Such device management software enables you to provision headsets in bulk and deploy apps & files remotely. It will also be capable of turning on and off  ‘kiosk mode’, a mode allowing a business to control the XR experience for its employees or end-users. Finally, a VR/AR mobile device management software allows you to keep track of headsets from a distance by remotely configuring Wi-Fi or headset settings. In short, if a business aims at incorporating VR/AR at scale, a mobile device management (MDM) is needed.

So with ExtendXR, HP is increasing its position as a supplier of XR software for business organizations, going up against competitors such as HTC’s own Vive Business Device Management System and Meta’s business tools for the Meta Quest 2.

Furthermore, ArborXR, together with HP, is also a partner with Pico Interactive and other virtual reality devices. This open strategy approach taken in its device compatibility of the ExtendXR platform is sure to entice many enterprises to the software.

What is mobile device management (MDM)?

MDM is a term used for software solutions that helps companies manage and secure their mobile devices within the organization or at conferences/events, in this case, VR/AR devices. This can include managing apps, files, deep usage analytics, universal settings control, password management, bulk updates, customizability and more. In essence, whether you are deploying 50 or 5,000 VR/AR devices, you need a capable management system to keep track of these.

Furthermore, MDM solutions are often cloud-based – with ExtendXR also being the case – which makes them easy to deploy and manage across large quantities of virtual and augmented reality devices. In short, without an MDM VR/AR management system, such devices and their uses become very complicated and inefficient. As ArborXR CEO Brad Scoggin says in their partnership with HP: “We are excited to power HP’s new XR platform… By working together, ArborXR and HP trailblaze the enterprise AR/VR industry and make it easy for companies to scale XR deployments.”

Pricing, compatibility, and availability

ExtendXR is out and is available in three pricing packages: (1) ‘Free’, (2) ‘Standard’ at $120 per year, per device, and (3) ‘Premium’ priced at $156 per year, per device.

ExtendXR currently supports the following headsets: HTC VIVE Focus 3, the Pico Neo 3 Pro family, the Pico Neo 2 family, and Pico G2 4K, with more to come. ExtendXR is available in the following countries: Australia, New Zealand, European Union countries, the United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, S. Korea, Israel, Taiwan, India, Russia, and the USA.

It is also possible to purchase ArborXR from VR Expert

HP, ArborXR Pair for Enterprise XR Headset SaaS - XR Today


To scale and efficiently implement and manage virtual and augmented reality for organizations, companies need capable mobile device management (MDM). The newly launched HP ExtendXR, developed in partnership with ArborXR, is designed for just this purpose. It helps you provision headsets in bulk, deploy apps and files remotely, access deep usage analytics, turn on kiosk mode, or control your VR headset from a distance, all from one cloud-based platform.

With HP’s backing, ArborXR’s expertise, and ExtendXR’s open planned compatibility, it is sure to succeed against more closed solutions like HTC’s Vive Business Device Management System, or Meta’s more eclectic business tools. It will be interesting to follow as it develops.