HTC Vive Pro 2 full kit will start shipping in October

HTC Vive Pro 2 full kit will start shipping in October

Published: 28-09-2021
Updated: 30-01-2023

It feels like the end of 2021 is going to be a bumper period in terms of VR device sales and the HTC Vive Pro 2 is no exception.

Much to the excitement of VR devotees, the company announced that they would start shipping their HTC Vive Pro 2 Full Kit in October, bringing the next evolution of the product to customers around the world.

What makes the HTC Vive Pro 2 full kit special?

This new release is certainly pushing the boundaries when it comes to business and consumer VR. Especially because of its quite impressive technical specs. The device features a compelling 5K resolution display which splits those across both eyes equally. Combine that with a lightning fast 120Hz refresh rate and a fast-switching RGB panel, and you arrive at a seriously powerful and capable VR device.

VR Expert - Vive Pro 2 action

Taking things even further, they’ve expanded the field of view to 120 degrees, giving the wearer more immersion. This is complemented by headphones that deliver crystal clear spatial audio. They’ve also fixed the screendoor effect that was a frustrating part of the last model.

Lastly, the flexibility of the headset remains one of its most important features. It allows users to adjust the interpupillary distance (IPD) to a very high level of precision. This means that regardless of your head shape, you can adjust the straps to perfection. This will give you long-lasting comfort and even weight balance.

What’s in the kit?

The entire kit gives you all the components you might need to engage in a full form VR experience. It includes the headset, 2 base stations, and 2 Vive controllers.

VR Expert - HTC Vive Pro 2 Full Kit

All of this is set to retail at $1,399 which when compared to the standalone headset price of $799 makes it a compelling starter kit for new entrants into the market. For resellers and B2B clients, this might just represent the perfect value proposition for their end users.

It’s also worth mentioning that they will throw in 2 months of the Viveport Infinity VR subscription as well to get started. This allows users to test some of the games and applications that are available. And the hope is that it will then pull them further into the ecosystem.

VR Expert - HTC Viveport Infinity

Enabling technology that can transform businesses

This offering from Vive should prove to be a significant value-add for businesses across a wide range of different contexts. In the training space, you can create truly immersive training scenarios. With realistic simulations that are incredibly valuable in high-stakes jobs.  Team collaboration and design are made that much more compelling when you can meet in virtual space. Especially with so many people working remotely. And it also opens the doors for brand new interactive sales demonstrations and customer experiences.

All of these are yet another step towards making VR devices a standard part of modern culture as the industry continues to build on the foundation of the past. With every new launch comes further opportunities for people to discover the magic of this technology and that only bodes well for the future.