Laval Virtual 2023 – How to get there and where to find VR Expert

Laval Virtual 2023 – How to get there and where to find VR Expert

Published: 27-03-2023
Updated: 26-05-2023

VR Expert will be exhibiting at this years Laval Virtual Conference 2023 in partnership with Pico. Since 1999, Laval Virtual has provided a space where European professionals, academics, and pioneers of immersive technologies can come together to network, partner, and explore opportunities in XR. This year will feature over 50 XR industry leaders as speakers, more than 200 exhibitions, and over 10.000 expected attendees. Us among them. The event will be held in Espace Mayenne, Laval – France. Taking place between the 12th of April until the 16th. With VR Expert there between 12-14 April in Hall A for the professional exhibition.

To help you get the most out of Laval Virtual, we at VR Expert made an overview of key information including a map of the event, how to get there and what to expect:

Getting Tickets for Laval Virtual 2023

Make sure to get your tickets for Laval Virtual 2023 if you haven’t already. Tickets can be bought through the Laval website or by clicking on the button below:

Map of Laval Virtual

Below you can find a map of the event halls. VR Expert can be found on Booth A64 in Hall A highlighted in light blue below. Good to know is that VR Expert will be on the booth with Pico, Uptale, EyeSoft, Realcast, Reality Academy and Cross Reality.

The venue is also equipped with a number of useful amenities. To make your experience even better.

  • Wardrobe and Storage
    • Directly after entering the venue to your right, you will be able to drop your bag and coat at the Wardrobe section. 
  • Badges
    • Directly in front of the entrance you can collect your badges for the event. Make sure to do this to ensure you have access to the correct facilities.
  • Restrooms
    • Restrooms are available in 3 areas. 2 can be found on the right of entrance and next to the stairs on ground floor. The 3rd set of restrooms can be found on Low Floor between Hall A and Hall B and the RECTO VRSO

Getting to the Venue

The Espace Mayenne, will be the host of Laval Virtual 2023. The event can be reached via a number of options.


If you are coming by train we recommend going to Laval Train Station. Once you have arrived at the Gare de Laval, we suggest you take a taxi, a bus or a shuttle that is available to visitors of Laval Virtual.


If you are coming by car you should direct yourself to “Parking Espa. Mayenne, 53000 Laval, France”. This parking space has 675 spaces, so it may get busy.


Laval Virtual has kindly organised the opportunity for all visitors to travel with free shuttles.

Opening and Closing Times of Laval Virtual 2023

Laval Virtual will take place from the 12th of April until the 16 of April with the professional exhibition taking place from the 12th to the 14th. Below is a breakdown of the opening and closing times of the tradeshow:

  • Wednesday, 12 April
    • 10:00-18:00
  • Thursday, 13 April
    • 9:00-18:30
  • Friday, 14 April
    • 9:00-17:00

Come and Test the Pico 4 Enterprise

At our booth, you can explore how Pico’s VR headsets fit a variety of use cases in combination with our curated software partners. At Laval Virtual the Pico 4 Enterprise will be set up on multiple stations at the booth to allow you to test it multitude of features including eye tracking, face tracking and especially its mixed reality capabilities. Furthermore, you will be able to see it being used by some of our select partners.

To organize a 1-to-1 demo of the Pico 4 Enterprise get in contact with our sales team via or come visit us on booth A64. Otherwise request a free day trial.