Lenovo and RealWear team up for assisted reality solution

Lenovo and RealWear team up for assisted reality solution

Published: 21-09-2021
Updated: 15-03-2023

The ground-breaking collaboration between the two industry giants RealWear and Lenovo will help frontline industrial workers cope with the limitations posed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

One of the leading tech firms in the world, Lenovo recently forged a powerful collaboration with RealWear, which is considered the best and most prominent assisted reality solutions provider throughout the globe. 

The partnership essentially focuses on designing and developing cutting-edge products for industrial workers on the frontline as the Covid-19 pandemic rages on. The companies aim to manufacture XR (extended reality) products.  Also the aim is to enable customers to choose and launch XR-powered solutions at scale for companies throughout the world. 

A far reaching partnership for global eterprise XR markets

Lenovo has officially brought on RealWear’s revolutionary HMT-1 devices as an augmentation for its ThinkReality (AR/VR) platform to provide flexible accessibility to frontline workers. With this technology, workers will have streamlined access to portable 2D applications.  

VR Expert - RealWear HMT-1 Frontline worker

Lenovo and RealWear will also launch a line-up of the HMT-1 wearable technology in their worldwide sales distribution. ThinkReality is renowned for its device-agnostic technologies and enterprise-level cloud services. It is one of the most prominent platforms offering XR networks.  In these networks customers can access SDKs (software development kits), developer portals, microservices, device management, content management, etc. 

ThinkReality also provides ready-set certified solutions for key extended reality applications. They are used for remote-based systems, workflow guidance systems, design collaboration and remote data visualization training. 

VR Expert - Wearing Lenovo ThinkReality A3

Using ThinkReality’s devices, customers can enjoy unparalleled access to these typical use-case applications instantly. Also it is not requiring to expend time, money, or effort on content development and creation. 

With the onboarding and integration of the HMT-1 by RealWear, Lenovo’s next-gen ThinkReality platform will be able to provide a multitude of state-of-the-art digital solutions throughout the extended reality (XR) ecosystem. 

VR Expert - Lenovo ThinkReality

These solutions will primarily be geared toward realistic rendering with digital applications being secondary through the HMT-1, offering an incredibly immersive yet minimally isolating experience of the A3 and A6 Smart Glasses by Lenovo ThinkReality that come with transparent lenses. The smart glasses are designed to render an incredibly realistic and immersive virtual reality experience, augmented by Lenovo’s Mirage VRS3.

RealWear HMT-1 is great for hands-free work

RealWear has recently launched their HMT-1 wearable device. It’s specifically designed for front line industrial workers, boasting a rugged and durable design. The HMT-1 is a head-mounted wearable device with highly sophisticated and intelligent technology. It is geared towards providing industrial workers a flexible and real-time access to critical expertise and on-site information. The best part is workers won’t need to use their hands to use the device, allowing them to keep them free to work. 

Another incredible feature of the HMT-1 device is that workers will be able to use voice commands to communicate with remote personnel and experts. The voice command will effectively work even in noisy environments. This is going to help industrial experts and workers to plough through sophisticated workflows. And it does so with less than minimal discrepancies and procedural problems. 

VR Expert - RealWear XR spectrum

In addition, the HMT-1 wearable device is also compatible with worker PPEs (personal protective equipment). It is designed specifically for factory workers and enterprise personnel. The device is the first of its kind to introduce a swappable battery on-site. 

According to Jon Pershke, vice president of Lenovo’s business strategy and development, the main objective here is to realize the full potential of the ThinkReality vision. Also they want to transform it into easily built, deployable, and manageable XR solutions for enterprises at scale. 

Bringing RealWear’s device on to Lenovo’s platform is going to significantly boost support on a bigger number of enterprise clientele. Also this will allow companies to integrate these technologies with their front line workers. XR innovation will improve procedural productivity along with ensuring a safer workplace environment and experience an incredible return on investment.