Magic Leap 2 is now on sale

Magic Leap 2 is now on sale

Published: 01-10-2022
Updated: 17-03-2023

Since Magic Leap shifted gears in April of 2020, restructuring itself and pivoting to enterprises, we have been eagerly awaiting their follow-up augmented reality headset Magic Leap 2. The wait is over as the premium AR headset, Magic Leap 2, is now on sale – so let’s look at what is coming.

Magic Leap 2 Specifications

Magic Leap 2
Resolution 1440×1760 per-eye with Dynamic Dimming
Field-of-View 70° diagonal
Video passthrough 12.6MP, 60fps Full-Color RGB camera
Optics Waveguide
Processor AMD Quad-core Zen2 in an external add-on pug
Connectivity WiFi 6, Bluetooth 5.1, and USB-C
Tracking 6 DoF Inside-out with eye and face tracking from 3 integrated cameras, 1 depth camera, 1 full color camera, ambient light sensor, 4 eye tracking cameras, 4 IMUs, accelerometer, gyroscope, 2 magnetometer, and 2 altimeter
Hand Tracking Yes
Eye Tracking Yes
Controllers 6DoF custom controllers
Battery life 3.5 hours (7 hours in “Sleep Mode”)
Shipping Date 30th of September 2022
Price €3.495,-

Key features

Here are some of the notable features ML2 has.

Powerful processing capabilities

The Magic Leap 2 will be able to handle the most demanding of applications, the device is equipped with 16GB of RAM. This is more than its predecessor and current competitor the HoloLens 2. Allowing far more advanced and complex applications to run on the device.

Dynamic Dimming

Dynamic Dimming controls the amount of real world light entering the user’s eyes, highlighting 3D objects to appear sharper.

The technology was introduced to target one of the main weaknesses of augmented reality: usability in bright lights or the outdoors. As a result, Dynamic Dimming enables Magic Leap 2 to dim real world lights down to near blackness – 0.3 percent – in localized areas, allowing for small 3D items to be clearer, such as text.

Industry leading visual experience

Magic Leap 2 will have the highest AR resolution on the market, with 1440×1760 per eye in an immersive 53° vertical and 70° diagonal Field-of-view and a buttery smooth 120Hz refresh rate. In other words, Magic Leap 2 is a feat of optics and display engineering developed to recreate natural and realistic simulations, ideal for training and onboarding.

Open source operating system

The operating system on the Magic Leap 2 is natively built by Magic Leap themselves using Android. This means the ML2 platform is agnostic to any enterprise software, enabling custom IT systems to work seamlessly with the premium AR headset.

The CPU and GPU are an SoC from AMD, which means that the computing is optimized for the headset, delivering better performance and power usage for longer battery life. The larger storage of 256 GB and 16 GB of RAM allows numerous applications to run simultaneously.


Magic Leap 2 comes in three versions: the base with controllers, a developer pro version and a fully supported enterprise version.

The difference between the three packages dictates permission for the headset to be used either in commercial deployments and production environments or in internal design and R&D only.

VR Expert offers the Magic Leap 2 base version, however other versions are available on request