Magic Leap 2 specifications, features, and more

Magic Leap 2 specifications, features, and more

Published: 18-02-2022
Updated: 30-01-2023

Magic Leap launched what many consider to be the first fully-featured augmented reality headset back in 2018 and now they’re back with a new and improved version that has created quite a stir within the industry.

Magic Leap 2 release date

The Magic Leap 2 is set to release sometime during 2022 and while we don’t have a firm release date just yet, we did get some interesting details about the device and what its capability are likely to be.

Magic Leap 2 specifications

Starting with the weight, the headset is going to be lighter than its predecessor, coming in at a measly 248 grams.  However, we should bear in mind that this is mostly due to the fact that the battery and processor are not housed in the headset itself, necessitating a tethered connection to another wearable device on your waist.  Nonetheless, it was announced that this version 2 would have twice as much computing power as was previously available, as well as improved memory and storage.

The compute pack itself also will have its own dedicated co-processor that will assist with more sophisticated computer vision tasks.  This is likely to be provided by an AMD chip which would be a departure from the Qualcomm chips that most competitors are using.

The eye box is twice as large, making it more comfortable for all types of pupils, and allowing them to focus on just one size, rather than the small and large that we saw in the previous version. In terms of cameras, we’re expecting a 12MP RGB camera and onboard audio to complete the offering. 

Magic Leap 2 features

Probably the most exciting new feature that is coming with the Magic Leap 2 is something that they’re calling ‘dynamic dimming’.  This allows the headset to vary how much real light comes through on a scale from 22% all the way down to 0.3%.  This is powerful because it allows the device to seamlessly augment the real world with virtual objects in both low light and very bright conditions.  In addition, it’s a lifesaver in terms of displaying the color black, which has typically been quite a challenge for AR headsets.

Other features include additional eye trackers which improves the quality of the images, and greatly reduces rendering errors of all kinds.  As well as a move to support Android as an ecosystem which is anticipated to help the company integrate more successfully into larger organizations. 


At this stage, we don’t have much more information, especially regarding price or a firm release date. But merely hearing about some of these specifics has really opened the door once again for Magic Leap to contribute more directly to the AR industry in the B2B space.  There is a lot of potential for devices like these to play a larger role within organizations and this reboot is set to bring the Magic Leap devices up to the cutting-edge.