Meta has begun their rebranding from Quest to Meta

Meta has begun their rebranding from Quest to Meta

Published: 06-12-2021
Updated: 30-01-2023

Despite the announced name changes from Oculus to Meta slated to begin in 2022, we presently see through advertising material and Meta’s website the rebranding has already started.

Quest rebranding is already underway 

Meta announced at the Facebook Connect event 2021 a change in branding from Oculus Quest to Meta. Signalling a further departure from the  Oculus company acquired by Facebook in 2014.

It seems that waiting is not a priority for the marketing department at Meta. As the Meta Quest branding already is showing in advertising. 

Namely, it was first discovered in advertising material for Meta Quest 2’s Star Wars-themed VR installation at Downtown Disney. Specifically, it was announced in a blog post by Meta that the Meta Quest 2 would host a free demo of Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge in Virtual Reality. You can see the advertising banner below.

VR Expert - rebranding meta quest

As of this moment, the Oculus Quest 2 is still on sale in the Oculus store and branded as such. But it seems that Meta’s advertising is eager to make the shift. It should be mentioned that the website (the domain name is still the same) also has been rebranded to show the new Meta name and logo.

When will Oculus disappear?

Conclusively, we should expect a comprehensive portfolio rebranding: from the Oculus Blog to the Oculus app. There has even been speculation that we can see older Oculus products. Llike the Rift S, also be rebranded to Meta, or the equivalent.

Needless to say, as with the renaming from Facebook to Meta, the “Quest” name has become synonymous for the VR industry and community proper. It will therefore take time before the shift will take place. For this reason, the Oculus logo itself is found within the graphic, together with the Meta Quest name.