Oculus/Meta plans to release 4 new headsets by 2024

Oculus/Meta plans to release 4 new headsets by 2024

Published: 13-05-2022
Updated: 04-12-2023

Meta/Oculus plans to release four new virtual reality and mixed reality headsets by 2024, broadening its scope on the consumer market while entering the enterprise industry. These four headsets named Stinson, Cardiff, Cambria, and Funston will aggressively grow Meta’s multiple Horizon platforms, setting them up to blend into the metaverse.

4 new headsets from Meta by 2024

Coming off the back of the recently released information that the Project Cambria mixed reality headset will launch later this year. The Information published a report detailing that Meta has bigger plans in store. Namely, four HMDs for virtual and mixed reality by 2024. 

VR Expert - 4 new meta headsets

2 Meta headsets for gamers

2 of the headsets will be aimed at gamers, internally named Project Stinson and Cardiff. 

2 headsets for enterprises

While the other 2 will be targeted at corporations, codenamed Cambria and Funston – Cambria being the first one, with Funston set to arrive in 2024.

What is next for the Quest 2 and when will Cambria be launched?

While plenty of details have been published about Cambria and Funston, news regarding the gaming-focused VR headsets is sparse.

Although, one snippet was released by PCGamer, reporting that the gaming headsets, Stinson and Cardiff, will be of one higher-end model coming 2023, and the other, a budget version launching in 2024.

Furthermore, this news comes as the $299/$399 Quest VR headsets are dominating the market. The Quest 2 is still the best-selling VR headset, showing impressive revenue figures. So, with the upcoming premium Project Cambria this year (likely September 2022), seemingly priced at around $799. Along with its next gamers headset likely to follow suit, Meta is about to offer a complete selection of headsets positioned to dominate the consumer and enterprise markets. 


It’s clear that Meta plans to make a big splash in the virtual reality and mixed reality markets in the next few years. With four new headsets scheduled for release by 2024, they hope to tap deeper into the consumer market while offering enticing headsets for enterprises. Ultimately building and funneling users to its Horizon platforms, eventually merging them into their long-term metaverse plans.