Meta Quest update: Meta’s logo replaces Oculus symbol

Meta Quest update: Meta’s logo replaces Oculus symbol

Published: 16-04-2022
Updated: 17-03-2023

Meta is rolling out a new software update to its Quest headsets, replacing the Oculus logo on the boot-up screen for its headsets with the Meta blue infinity logo. The change will be embedded and rolled out in update 38 and gradually released to Quest owners. 

Meta changes its opening logo

Since we first reported Meta’s rebranding in early December 2021, Meta has gradually started to overhaul its Oculus iconography to Meta in branding, positioning, long-term strategy and logo. Initially, the repositioning began in advertising material at the 2021 SuperBowl and signified the official change.

In effect, Meta is doubling down on its change in branding, and the logo change in Quest headsets is the next in the slew of changes introduced. The one before was the name change from Oculus Quest to Meta Quest.

Needless to say, Facebook is now a product category of Meta Platforms, and Oculus will be repositioned to Meta. Effectively, leaving its beginnings and end to the ‘About Us’ section on the Meta website or history articles of virtual reality.