Mixed reality operating system leaked in new Apple code

Mixed reality operating system leaked in new Apple code

Published: 09-03-2022
Updated: 26-05-2023

IOs developers were caught by surprise when they opened the latest Open-Source GitHub Repos from Apple, finding, embedded within the code, “realityOS”, hinting at the upcoming native operating system running on the much-anticipated premium MR headset from Apple.

Apple might have just leaked its mixed reality OS

Initially dubbed ‘rOS’ by Bloomberg News in 2017 has now been discovered to be ‘realityOS’ by 9to5mac, found in an embedded reference into the Open-Source code in Apple GitHub repos and App Store upload logs. In effect, hinting at what the operating system might be for the new mixed reality headset from Apple.

‘RealityOS’ embedded in the open-source Apple GitHub Repos code

Two IOs developers, Rens Verhoeven and Steve Troughton-Smith, comment on the virtual-augmented reality Apple operating system as “What is Apple’s realityOS doing in the App Store upload logs?” and “has its own OS & binaries… and has a realityOS simulator”.

We have followed the anticipated Apple HMD for some time now, with the latest that Apple will be ‘off-limits’ from the metaverse, reported by Mark Gurman from Bloomberg technology in a Power On newsletter. Effectively focusing on the core strength of Apple, premium hardware, as opposed to Meta’s software aim of building the future of the internet: the metaverse

Furthermore, according to rumors, the premium Apple headset would be announced this year owing to supply chain leaks indicating that the new Apple headset had exited prototyping and will enter mass production in 2022. Speculatively, the general supply chain backlog caused by the pandemic pushed back the Apple MR headset. While, allegedly, Apple faced complications with overheating and camera difficulties. Consequently, the headset from Apple is estimated to be pushed back for production until 2023.

One further detail, originating from the credible Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, reported that Apple is working on a second iteration MR headset before the first one is even released. An in-development headset more ergonomically streamlined and likely, lighter and slimmer. Akin to the trend we see for virtual and augmented reality products turning thin, stylish and lightweight. Enabled by the novel Pancake optics technology in VR and the waveguide lens design in AR.


As the rumor mill of Apple’s mixed reality HMD spins, the more difficult it gets for them to keep their MR headset under wraps.

The newest leak comes in the form of the likely operating system for Apple’s upcoming headset, named ‘realityOS’ found hiding in an Open-Source Apple GitHub repos code, further cementing the delayed premium virtual and augmented reality endeavor is underway.