Oculus Quest V40 release: updates and features

Oculus Quest V40 release: updates and features

Published: 26-05-2022
Updated: 17-03-2023

Coming off the back of the hand tracking update of v39, this new v40 firmware update for Quest headsets have security, keyboard tracking and accessibility as the central themes.

App locking

The latest firmware update, v40 enables applications to be locked behind a pattern password. Previously, in v31, Meta activated the option to pattern-lock the headset, but the feature of locking individual apps was not implemented, until now. Effectively, users now have greater control over the content within their headsets. While parents can lock applications and games they don’t want their child to consume, in addition to the recent parental control measures Meta introduced.

Oculus Quest V40 release updates and features - VR Expert

Support for secure payments within the headset

Additionally, the update provides support for secure payments made within the headset. This further establishes the metaverse as now 3D payments can be made in purchasing unique digital VR assets – NFTs – such as paintings or backgrounds for one’s VR home.

End-to-end encrypted messaging

Lastly, an optional end-to-end encrypted Messenger has also been added. Moving the end-to-end encrypted Messenger services of Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp over to their Quest headsets. Enticing features for enterprises and consumers alike due to increasing privacy concerns.

Keyboard support

Moreover, the v40 update enables tracking of more keyboards, namely, the Apple Magic Keyboard with numeric keypad, the Logitech K375s, and the Logitech MX Keys. Together with the support of Apple Magic Keyboard (no Numpad) and Logitech’s K830 totals now five compatible keyboards with Quest’s tracking.

Oculus Quest V40 release updates and features - VR Expert

Mono-audio for accessibility

The v40 update comes with the much-needed accessibility feature of mono audio as opposed to the default spatial, 3D audio. Essentially that sound unidirectionally comes from both ears rather than the surround sound effect that the Quest provides. Effectively this helps users who have impaired hearing in one ear, where they now can balance the sound levels finely to fit their hearing balance.


The new v40 firmware update from Meta which was previously Oculus provides a range of new features. While they aren’t the impressive hand tracking features from v39, it does provide the necessary new features that make the metaverse more enticing and practical.