Overview of accessories for RealWear Navigator 500 and HMT-1

Overview of accessories for RealWear Navigator 500 and HMT-1

Published: 25-02-2022
Updated: 30-01-2023

The impressive assisted reality headsets from RealWear, Navigator 500 and HMT-1, are beloved by many enterprises and frontline workers. What helps to drive RealWear’s success is its extensive portfolio of beneficial accessories that businesses can customise their use case around.

Therefore, an overview of the accessory list is provided below, highlighting the importance of a few categories and why they are vital.

The customization and synergies between the headsets and accessories

Though the newer Navigator 500 features increased processing power, a better camera and battery life, the actual use case comes from the combination between head-mounted wearables, versatile software and SDKs, hands-free user interface, central integration with cloud and AI, and the roster of accessories that RealWear offers.

RealWear is at the forefront of the digitized industry, deftly called “Industry 4.0”. The reason is that assisted reality for frontline workers balance both safety and productivity, allowing crucial information to be conveyed without obscuring or transforming the ‘real’ reality in front of them. In a sense, assisted reality is the notion of “reality first, digital second”, as RealWear puts it. It is through the synergies between the headsets themselves and the accessories that RealWear sets out to “engage, empower and elevate the modern frontline worker.”

As a result, below are some key accessory categories and why they are critical for modern enterprises.

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Longer battery life means longer hours.

RealWear’s aR headsets have always offered competitive battery life, namely with the Navigator’s 8 hours of run-time mirroring a full working day. But the catch is hidden in the details, as battery life is the known inhibitor to an efficient working day: arriving to work with an uncharged headset can set you back an hour.

That is why stored charged batteries are essential for a working day to function optimally and why RealWear subsequently offers the 6 battery multi-charger, exclusively for the HMT-1 and the 4 multi-battery charger for the Navigator 500.

Dangerous industries need protective gear.

Albeit the COVID-19 pandemic has spiked general statistics in both fatal and non-fatal sectorsthe US Bureau of Labor Statistics still ranks manufacturing and warehouse as some of the most dangerous areas to work in. In effect, manufacturing alone suffered a $40 million loss in 2020 from 10,000 safety citations, reported by OSHA.

Besides the safety equipment, RealWear enables the worker hands-free access to digital information to not be distracted by a screen, as a worker looking at a tablet or smartphone isn’t looking out for themselves.

Additionally, RealWear, with its mounting safety gear, such as the MSA, IS-approved, hard hat, delivers a safe working environment despite hazardous surroundings. While compatibility with personal protective equipment, or PPE, is also one of RealWear’s strengths, being compatible with equipment from hardhats to respiratory protection to hazmat suits.

Full accessory overview

Mounting options

  • Workband 2
  • RealWear Ball Cap with Mounts
  • Bump Cap – Standard
  • Bump Cap – Extra Large
  • Flexband (3-point silicone band with chinstrap for cleanrooms)
  • Rear Pad (6-Pack)
  • Overhead Strap (6-Pack)
  • Tri-Band Strap (RealWear Navigator 500)
  • Tri-Band Strap IS (HMT-1Z1)
  • MSA Hard Hat with RW Logo
  • Hard Hat Clips for MSA Front Brim (3 Pair Pack)
  • Hard Hat Clips for MSA Full Brim (3 Pair Pack)
  • MSA Front Brim Hard Hat Clips
  • MSA Full Brim Hard Hat Clips
  • MSA Front Brim Top Mount Clips – Left Eye User (3 Pairs)
  • MSA Front Brim Top Mount Clips – Right Eye User (3 Pairs)
  • 3M TA500 Hard Hat Clips (3 Pairs)

Power & battery



  • Camera Port Cover
  • Camera Privacy Sticker (6-pack)