Pavlov VR Review on the Valve Index and Meta Quest

Pavlov VR Review on the Valve Index and Meta Quest

Published: 08-11-2023
Updated: 08-11-2023

In this review, we delve into the immersive VR shooter, Pavlov VR, while conducting our analysis using both the Meta Quest 2 and Valve Index to ensure a comprehensive evaluation. Our dedicated review process involved approximately 46 hours of gameplay.

Pros and cons Pavlov VR in table 

These are some of the pros and cons that we found interesting.

New game engine: Unreal Engine 5Pavlov shack has worse graphics
Realistic gun physicsSmall player base
No big playspace required

General information about Pavlov VR

Here is some general information about Pavlov VR:

Age rating18+
Game length10 minutes per game
Size on disk 65GB on PC, 6.06GB on standalone headsets
GenreAction, Shooter, Social
Release Date27th of February 2017
Game StudioVankrupt Games
Multiplayer/co-op/single-playerMultiplayer, co-op and single-player
Platform compatibilitySteam VR, PS VR and Meta Quest
Headset CompatibilityPC VR headsets, PS VR and Meta VR headsets
Minimum PC specifications Requires a 64-bit processor and operating systemOS: Windows 10 64 bitProcessor: Quad Core 3Ghz+Memory: 8 GB RAMGraphics: GTX 1070Network: Broadband Internet connection
Price (not on sale)€20.99 on PC, €24.99 on PS VR and Free for Meta headsets

Gameplay and visuals

Pavlov offers a diverse array of game maps, each crafted by the passionate community, allowing players to access a plethora of free options. Regardless of whether you’re playing on a PC or on standalone, the graphics maintain consistent quality, maintaining object clarity at any distance. It’s worth noting that the PC version of Pavlov boasts superior graphics compared to the Quest 2 due to increased graphical capabilities. This hit in visuals didn’t bother us too much as it still offers great visuals.

In shooter games, a higher screen refresh rate is highly preferred to mitigate motion sickness, enhancing the overall gaming experience. In Pavlov, every weapon has to be reloaded manually and has been reconstructed very accurately to real life weapons. This makes the gun gameplay very immersive.

An exciting development came with the latest update, introducing the ability to go prone, enhancing tactical possibilities in the game. Additionally, the game’s graphics engine received a significant upgrade, transitioning to Unreal Engine 5 on PC, resulting in a remarkable visual enhancement.

To optimize performance and attain higher frames per second (fps), Pavlov Shack has opted to remove gore and ragdoll physics, ensuring a smoother and more responsive gaming experience. These decisions collectively contribute to the game’s immersive and dynamic gameplay.

Story, levels and challenge

Pavlov offers a wide array of engaging game modes to cater to diverse player preferences. These modes encompass classics like deathmatch and team deathmatch, providing fast-paced and competitive gameplay. Search and destroy introduces strategic elements, while Trouble in Terrorist Town encourages deduction and cooperation.

The game also boasts imaginative and playful modes, such as Prop Hunt, The Hide, and Infection, where players can exercise their creativity and adaptability. For a dose of precision and high stakes, modes like One in the Chamber and WWII Team Deathmatch test your skills.

Notably, Pavlov Shack takes you back in time with WWII-themed modes, featuring authentic weapons, vehicles, and player characters from that era. This provides a unique and immersive historical experience for those who appreciate World War II settings and weaponry.

We think that the game is accessible and enjoyable for players of all skill levels, making it a welcoming experience for everyone.

Gameplay experience

When playing Pavlov VR we found the game to be an intense VR shooter, yet surprisingly it wasn’t too exhausting, permitting extended gaming sessions of approximately two hours without necessitating frequent breaks. However, it’s worth noting that the maps featuring zombies can be quite the adrenaline-pumping experience. These scenarios create tension and excitement as players find themselves relentlessly hunted by hordes of the undead, making for exhilarating and occasionally terrifying gameplay.


Pavlov VR’s replayability is exceptional due to its diverse community content, game modes, and small yet dedicated player base. You will always be able to find a lobby to join. We found the game’s dynamic nature, coupled with the opportunity to experiment with various tactics and strategies, keeps every session fresh and engaging, making it a top choice for both newcomers and experienced players alike.

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In conclusion, Pavlov VR stands as an immersive and versatile virtual reality shooter, offering an array of captivating game modes, maps, and community content. Its unique combination of accessibility and intensity, coupled with its remarkable replayability, makes it a compelling choice for VR enthusiasts, ensuring an engaging and dynamic gaming experience that continues to draw players into its virtual battlefield. To experience the highest-quality graphics, opt for the PC VR version. If you’re seeking a lightweight and portable gaming experience, the Quest 2 and 3 stand out on top. On our immersion scale we would rate this game 8/10.


Can I use VR accessories with Pavlov?

Currently there is native support for the bHaptics Suit and the ForceTube gunstock.

Are there other similar VR shooters?

Yes of course, Onward and Contractors are good other options.

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