Pico 4 vs Pico 4 Enterprise: Most important differences

Pico 4 vs Pico 4 Enterprise: Most important differences

Published: 20-10-2022
Updated: 15-03-2023

In this article, we will cover the most important differences between the Pico 4 vs the Pico 4 Enterprise VR headsets.

The differences we will cover are:

  • Sideloading
  • Different app stores
  • Face and eye tracking
  • Pico Business Suite
  • Different face cover


A feature central for enterprises is sideloading and Pico 4 Enterprise supports it. While some consumer VR headsets like the Meta Quest 2 support sideloading for betas, early-access and modded games, most don’t. With sideloading enabled on Pico 4 Enterprise, companies can install customized software and APK’s onto the headset that are made for their use case.

Different app stores

A key reason to buy the Pico 4 Enterprise instead of the Pico 4 as a business is due to the app store available on each device. The Pico 4 Enterprise targets businesses, the available applications are productivity and enterprise-focused. In fact, the operating system on the Pico 4 Enterprise is tailor-made towards enterprises and specific business use cases. A lot of these applications are not available on the consumer device, as well as vice versa that the consumer applications are not all available on the business headset.

Face and eye tracking

The biggest difference between the Pico 4 Enterprise and the Pico 4 is the Enterprises integrated eye and face tracking capabilities. This is something not found in the Pico 4. The Eye and Face tracking is done by 3 extra internal cameras found on the Pico 4 Enterprise, 2 for the eyes and 1 for the face.

The eye and face tracking allow for two added benefits to the Pico 4 Enterprise vs the Pico 4. 

Benefit 1 is the ability to track eye and face movements which will add a new layer to Social VR applications and interactions in VR. 

Benefit 2 is the ability to collect data for behavioral research, such as analyzing the setup of a retail location, reactions in a job simulator and more.

Pico Business Suite

Just like the app store is different, so is the ability to use the Pico Business Suite application on the Pico 4. With three core pillars making up the system. The pillars are synchronization, streaming and kiosk mode. This is to help manage information regarding devices, usage as well as workflows in a secure environment.

Different face cover

The Pico 4 Enterprise also has a different face cover to the Pico 4. The Enterprise edition is equipped with a PU leather material. This is easy to clean with a wipe and does not absorb sweat as easily for example. This is especially useful when the headset will be used by multiple users in short periods of time.