Pico announces the Pico G3 all-in-one 3DoF VR headset

Pico announces the Pico G3 all-in-one 3DoF VR headset

Published: 12-04-2023
Updated: 26-05-2023

At Laval Virtual 2023, Pico XR, one of the leading VR companies focusing on the all-in-one VR headset market announced its latest VR device the Pico G3 3DoF VR headset.

Pico G3 Specifications

The Pico G3 VR headset has the following specifications:

Pico G3




1832 x 2160 pixels per eye

Refresh rate

72/90 Hz

Pixels per inch


Field of View


Lens type



Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2


604 grams with Strap


128 GB


6 GB


Inside-Out 3DoF





Price of the Pico G3

The price for the new Pico G3 is €399 excluding VAT and the Pico G3 is directly available from VR Expert.

When is the Pico G3 available?

The Pico G3 will be available for pre-order from the 12th of April until the Middle of May. After this, the Pico G3 headset will begin shipping and be available for direct purchase. Pre-orders of the Pico G3 can be done through VR Experts website in the form of a pre-order, a free trial request or a contact request

The most powerful 3Dof VR Headset

The Pico G3 is positioned as the most powerful 3DOF VR headset on the Enterprise VR market. Coming with the same processor that powers most 6DOF standalone VR headsets. With the processing power of the Snapragon XR2 processor giving it 6GB of RAM, the Pico G3 is able to handle demanding applications and deliver smooth and high quality content.

Enterprise Focussed Ecosystem

The Pico G3 provides access to Pico’s Enterprise Ecosystem. The Pico Business Store offers a wide variety of applications enhancing the potential use cases and effective applications of the headset while access to Pico Business Suite provides advanced customisation options for the headset allowing extra settings and configurations and increasing the functionality of the headset. 

Comfortable and balanced design

The Pico G3 has the battery built into the rear section of the headband. Giving the device a much more balanced weight distribution, making it more comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.

The Pico G3 is available for Pre-order from VR Expert