Pico Neo3 Link standalone VR headset to hit European markets

Pico Neo3 Link standalone VR headset to hit European markets

Published: 01-05-2022
Updated: 30-01-2023

April 13th, at the biggest VR conference and trade show, Laval Virtual 2022, Chinese Pico Interactive announced The Pico Neo3 Link with a unique beta program and preorder. The headset is a standalone consumer headset like the Quest 2. It is currently available for preorder to enter a Beta program to provide valuable consumer feedback. Preorders will run until May 23rd and can be ordered from VR Expert.

What did Pico announce?

The market leader in consumer VR in China and a strong presence in enterprise VR in Europe, Pico Interactive, is gearing up for expansion to European VR enthusiasts. Pico will achieve this through an open beta program enabling early adopters to test and provide feedback on Pico Store, Pico user account, payment, social, and other services.

“In Asia, Pico is already the leading provider of consumer VR headsets in China and will bring the beta program to new markets such as Japan and Korea. Pico will target VR fans and gamers with its new Link headset; users will participate in a unique beta program where feedback informs future product development,” Pico stated.

Furthermore, this announcement comes with a new virtual reality headset called Pico Neo3 Link with two motion controllers. Alongside its impressive Neo3 Pro-like features, native games such as SUPERHOT VR, Demeo and After The Fall will be available with the support of wireless and wired streaming in accessing SteamVR titles.

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The beta program is available for preorder now in GermanyFrance, Spain, and The Netherlands (with shipping beginning May 23rd), and in the UK with shipping in June.

The Neo3 Link is a standalone, all-in-one headset with an inside-out six-degrees-of-freedom tracking system designed using Qualcomm’s Snapdragon XR2 processor.

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What are the specifications?

  • RAM: 6GB of RAM
  • Memory: 256GB of onboard storage
  • Display size: 5.5-inch SFR TFT display
  • Resolution: 3,664 x 1,920 pixels, with 773 Pixels Per Inch
  • Refresh rate: up to 90Hz
  • Inside-out tracking: 6 Degrees-of-Freedom controllers, enabled by 32 optical tracking sensors and 4 wide-angle HMD cameras for positional awareness
  • Connectivity: WiFi 6 for seamless untethered connection between the Link and your PC
  • Interactivity and button layout: programmable buttons for customization
  • Cleanliness and hygiene: replaceable, PU face pad with an antifouling coating that is easy to clean
  • Availability: preorders have already started from VR Expert and run until May 23rd
  • Price: GermanyFrance, Spain, and The Netherlands, 449 EUR (including VAT), and the UK, 399 GBP (including VAT)
  • Accessories: included is a DisplayPort cable for headset-PC connectivity and a deluxe head strap

VR Expert - Pico Neo 3 Link Discussion


Pico Interactive has just announced its new Pico Neo3 Link virtual reality headset, and it looks promising. For one, the Link has similar specifications to the Quest 2, with a similar price point and a consumer-friendly standpoint through its beta program.

It is a standalone VR headset ideal for gamers and VR enthusiasts. All in all, offering a competitive, future ecosystem for Pico Interactive.

It will be interesting how the Link will fair against the dominating Quest 2 and the increasingly popular Valve Index.

You can preorder the Pico Neo3 Link here until May 23rd for €449.00 incl. VAT.