Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses: AI Image Recognition Feature Coming Soon

Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses: AI Image Recognition Feature Coming Soon

Published: 05-04-2024
Updated: 05-04-2024


Meta promised it, and here it is: the new AI-powered image recognition feature for Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses will be available within the next few weeks.
The successful 2023 release of the Ray-Ban Meta Glasses collaboration, included the voice-command feature, allowing users to interact with the smart glasses’ built-in artificial intelligence.

Whether you needed to take photos directly with the smart glasses on or call and send text messages, the Ray-Ban Meta Glasses was able to do it all – with one small limitation: it was, until now, not able to analyze the images it captures. In this article, we will talk about what to expect from Ray-ban Meta’s image recognition, expected to be included in the new software update in April 2024.

In this article :

What is the new Ray-Ban Meta Wayfarer feature release all about?

Ray-Ban Meta Wayfarer is set to release a new AI-powered feature in April: image recognition. Let’s dive into what image recognition is and what it brings on the table.

What is image recognition?

Image recognition refers to the capacity of software to discern and categorize objects, locations, individuals, text, and activities within digital images. As for the Ray-Ban Wayfarer, they would most probably incorporate the image recognition technology with the upcoming software update, by combining the visual data captures through its camera lenses with its built-in artificial intelligence (AI) software. This would enable the Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses to perceive and interpret visual content.

What does image recognition mean for Ray-Ban Meta Glasses?

Previously, Ray-Ban Meta Glasses were primarily used for capturing photos and videos and enjoying music. However, thanks to the new AI software, they now have more advanced capabilities such as scanning historical landmarks, detecting and translating written text in various languages and identifying animal breeds and exotic fruits, among other functionalities. 

How to activate the AI feature?

The Ray-Ban’s new AI feature works by voice commands. To activate it, you need to say “Hey Meta” and then ask your question. Voice features are currently available in English, Italian and French.

Voice commands offer convenient functionality, enabling you to effortlessly make calls, send messages, and capture content, all while your phone remains in your pocket. Nevertheless, touch controls remain readily available for tasks such as playing music, launching the camera, or initiating connections with someone. With the hyper-responsive touchpad and capture button, accomplishing these tasks is as simple as a single touch.

Experience art differently with the Ray-Ban Wayfarer

With the Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses, you can now enhance your experience with artworks by simply looking at a painting and asking the AI to provide details about the artist and the title of the piece.

More languages in your pocket

Moreover, these innovative glasses offer language translation capabilities, supporting languages like English, French, Italian, and German. This feature allows you to easily translate text wherever you are.

Identify fruits, animals and more

Additionally, if you encounter unfamiliar fruits, the glasses’ functionalities will assist you in identifying various exotic fruit varieties.

Encountering unknown animal species becomes easier as well with the glasses’ help, although it’s important to note that accurate identification might require being sufficiently close to the animal. In environments like zoos, where distances and surroundings can obscure animals, achieving precise identification may be challenging.

Now you can do two things at the same time, like washing up and asking the AI about that cute dog you see in the window without wetting your phone and scrolling to find the exact same dog breed. 

What are the limits of the Ray-Ban Meta glasses’ AI ?

These new AI capabilities are innovative but may occasionally encounter errors as Brian X. Chen & Mike Isaac showed us during their tests. That’s why every feedback is welcome by Meta to rectify any mistakes and enhance the performance of these advanced features through continuous software updates. 

To prevent any misunderstanding, ensure your questions are as clear as the vision through the glasses. For instance, if you place a lime in a container of lemon juice and ask about the fruit, the AI might not necessarily make the distinction.

Similarly, if you visit a museum and ask the AI to identify a work of art, make sure that the setting doesn’t interfere with image recognition, such as people in the frame looking at the work or taking photos of it. 

The clearer the questions and the context, the more precise the answers will be.

What is needed for using Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses?

To use Ray-Ban Meta Glasses, you must first establish a connection between your glasses and a smartphone equipped with the Meta View app. Below is the comprehensive checklist:

  • A smartphone running on a recently released operating system: Android 10 or higher (with location services enabled) or iOS 14.4 or higher.
  • Access to wireless internet.
  • USB-C charging plug (if charging from a power outlet rather than directly from a USB port).
  • A valid Meta account.
  • Installation of the Meta View app.

Some Background: Ray-Ban Meta Wayfarer 


The Ray-Ban Meta Glasses has excellent image and video quality at 1080 pixels. With a spacious 32 GB memory capacity, you can store up to 500 photos and 100 30-second videos. 

Additionally, the latest features allow for live streaming sessions of up to 30 minutes, and the fully charged case provides up to 36 hours of usage. Notably, a 50% charge of the glasses can be achieved in just 20 minutes. 

These Smart Glasses are also water-resistant, carrying an IPX4 certification. The custom-built speaker has been upgraded to be 50% louder with double the bass, complemented by five microphones for immersive audio recording.


Image Acquisition 3024x4032px

Video Acquisition 1440x1920 Px@30 Fps


Speaker 2 Custom-Built Speaker Open Ear

Microphone Custom 5 Mic Array




Assistant Type

Battery and Memory

Battery Reachargeable 4 Hours Single Charge

Memory 32GB Flash Storage 500+ Photos, 100+ 30s Videos


Wifi 6 certified, Bluetooth 5.2


OS Compatibility IOS 14.4/ Android 10 Minimum

Where can I buy the Meta Ray-Ban Glasses?

The Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses are available for sale on Ray-Ban’s official website. Despite a host of new features, the price of Ray-Ban Meta Wayfarer does not appear to have increased. They start at $299 and lenses start at $17. The price will depend on which of the 4 available designs appeals to you.