Samsung AR smart glass: Everything we know so far

Samsung AR smart glass: Everything we know so far

Published: 26-01-2023
Updated: 26-05-2023

Throughout the past year, numerous rumors indicate Samsung will announce an AR smart glass in 2023. Here is all we know about Samsung’s upcoming AR smart glasses.

What do we know about Samsung’s AR smart glass?

Despite details being sparse, we know Samsung has AR prototypes using holographic waveform optics powered by an in-house SoC processor called Exynos. Indicating that Samsung’s upcoming smart glass will be similar to the TCL NXTWEAR series and the AR glasses from Nreal in size and weight.

Additionally, the new smart glass from Samsung will also run on its own operating system based on Android, similar to their smartphones.

Interestingly, Samsung’s subdivision that produces components for its products acquired a majority stake in the American optics manufacturer DigiLens in 2021. DigiLens owns a new type of waveguide called holographic photopolymers that can produce a wider Field of View compared to other waveguide types. Further, DigiLens also resides over a display technology called Transparent Resolution Expanded (T-Rex) that delivers twice the resolution without compromising on size, weight or battery life.

Conclusively, the proof of concept AR glass by DigiLens shown above could turn into Samsung’s upcoming smart glass.