Samsung virtual reality headset: Everything we know so far

Samsung virtual reality headset: Everything we know so far

Published: 26-01-2023
Updated: 17-03-2023

Samsung, once the leader in mobile VR, is rumored to be releasing a new mixed reality headset. Now, leaks show a release date somewhere in 2023. If Samsung is to launch a VR headset, what do we know so far about the device?

The Samsung news, leaks, and rumors we will cover are:

  • The signs for an upcoming Samsung VR headset
  • Samsung and Microsoft partnership
  • Conclusion

The signs for an upcoming Samsung VR headset

The South Korean news outlet Naver News got its hands on an internal report circulating within Samsung, shining new light on the South Korean tech giant’s mixed reality plans. First, a cross-departmental team has banded together to assess a strategy that prevents Samsung from falling behind in VR, AR, and MR. The report refers to an XR ecosystem, delivering components to the industry, releasing its own headsets, and creating XR applications for entertainment, education, healthcare, and defense.

Will Microsoft be a part of Samsungs new device?

As noted in our article on the Microsoft HoloLens 3, Samsung has partnered with Microsoft. However, no further details were revealed about the partnership, other than a dedicated cross-functional Samsung team was assigned to the partnership. In speculating, this could mean either two things: one, Samsung will supply its displays to the future Microsoft HoloLens 3, or two, Microsoft could provide its productivity applications, like Dynamics, to the upcoming Samsung VR headset.


Samsung was one of the legacy tech companies which pioneered Mobile VR in 2014, a type of VR surpassed by affordable and powerful standalone VR headsets.Today, it is clear Samsung has a finger on the pulse in XR, fearing to not fall behind its western competitors of Meta, Apple, and Google. For now, information is sparse and time will tell if Samsung will try its hands at another VR headset with mixed reality features. Certainly, the industry is heading in that direction.