The Best 7 Pico 4 Accessories in 2023

The Best 7 Pico 4 Accessories in 2023

Published: 16-05-2023
Updated: 25-05-2023

This article lists the best Pico 4 accessories in 2023, enabling you to get the most out of your Pico 4 VR headset and have you customize it to your liking.

Upon release, the Pico 4 and the business variant Pico 4 Enterprise decrowned the Oculus Quest 2 as the best all-around VR headset to buy. With the new headset, Pico offered powerful features and a superior overall virtual reality experience compared to the Quest 2. Thus, to get the most out of your Pico 4 VR headset and personalize it, here are the best Pico 4 accessories you should consider buying.

The Best Pico 4 Face Cover 

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Face covers are one of the most popular accessories you can find for VR. They keep your VR headset pristine and uphold hygiene if you are sharing your VR headset.

Thus, we recommend the PU Leather Face Cover from AMVR, priced at £29.99. This cover is comfortable from soft padding and fake leather. Additionally, the AMVR face cover hugs your face meaning no outside light enters while you wear the Pico 4. Finally, you can wear prescription glasses underneath with no issue due to the design being incredibly deep.

Alternatively, if you seek a non-reusable solution and thus more affordable, the 100-piece hygiene mask is excellent for £12.30.

The Best Pico 4 Lens Protector

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Speaking of a cover. Keeping your Pico 4 as shiny as it was when you bought it requires a solid lens protector. And so, the universal lens protector from KIWI Design is the best. The lens protector’s unique spongy and elastic fabric is equally as durable and lightweight against sunlight, scratches, and dust, and will run you a little over 6 pounds.

The Best Prescription Lenses for Pico 4

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As the Pico 4 or Pico 4 Enterprise don’t feature an adjustable diopter if you wear prescription glasses, you have to cram them underneath the headset lessening the comfort. Therefore, the best long-term solution is to add lens inserts to the headset.

And the Pico 4 prescription lenses from VR Optician are of the highest quality. By default, the VR Optician lenses come with scratch and impact resistance, anti-reflection, and a coating that makes it easy to keep clean. They magnetically snap onto Pico 4’s pancake lenses and are priced at £55.00 plus import fees as they arrive from Germany.

The Perfect VR Stand for Your Pico 4

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The third most sought-after accessory for VR headsets is a stylish way to display your new device. And so, you can’t go wrong with a dependable and minimalist universal VR headset stand. As highlighted before, KIWI Design is the brand that delivers the highest quality for the best price point, and its VR headset stand is no different.

Firstly, it is sturdy and ensures your Pico 4 is not knocked over or slid off your desk from the non-slip material. Secondly, the universality of this stand future-proofs it if and when you get a new VR headset. The VR headset stand from KIWI Design costs a bit over 21 pounds.

The Ideal Hygiene Solution for Pico 4

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The best method of cleaning your Pico 4 after use is the Spray Twice A Day disinfectant. However, you can find any of these lens spays in every store today, killing 99.99% of bacteria while keeping the pancake optics in the Pico 4 clean.

The Best Top Strap Accessory for Pico 4

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One of the primary uses for virtual reality is to use it for fitness, either intentionally through a boxing game or not in Pistol Whip, an extra layer of security when active can be needed.

Thus adding rear head support can give you peace of mind while feeling more comfortable dodging incoming virtual punches. For this purpose, we recommend the ZyberVR Pico 4 Headstrap with a TPU Cushion, as it is designed for the Pico 4 and accommodates multiple head shapes and sizes. This top strap will cost you about 40 pounds.

The Best Batterypack and Charging Dock for Pico 4

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An area that holds standalone VR headsets back is their battery life, and while Pico 4 supports a great runtime, it can always be longer. So to achieve this, an extra battery pack is needed. But when choosing the best battery pack, you have to be careful not to imbalance the weight of the Pico 4 and thus lessen the comfort.

Keeping this in mind, the battery combination from BoboVR of its Battery Dock for 40 pounds and Charging Dock including a Spare Battery for 42 pounds is by far the best we have tried and tested for Pico 4 and Pico 4 Enterprise. These two products from BoboVR extend your Pico 4 battery life to infinity as you can charge the depleted battery as you use your spare.

Additionally, the LED indicators for the battery’s charge level are great, showing when you press the back button or snap them tight magnetically on the dock. They have excellent build quality and visually match the white Pico 4 design. But most importantly, they don’t imbalance the headset’s weight distribution and thus don’t lessen the comfort. We can’t recommend this battery combination enough for the Pico 4.

However, if you seek a more affordable solution and have a battery pack in your drawer collecting dust, the Universal Power Strap from KIWI Design is a great and simple solution.