The best VR Oculus Quest 2 games 2023

The best VR Oculus Quest 2 games 2023

Published: 22-08-2022
Updated: 16-05-2023

With the popularity of the Oculus Quest 2 (Meta Quest 2), the Oculus games library is expansive, making it nigh impossible to find the best VR games. So to help you choose the best games right up your alley, we’ve put together our picks for the best Quest 2 games in every major category!

Table of Contents

Among Us VRMultiplayer, Online Co-op, Deception£7.99
Wands AlliancesMultiplayer, Online Shooter£14.99
DEMEOAdventure RPG, Strategy£29.99
Acron: Attack of the Squirrels!Party game, action£14.99
Half-Life: AlyxAction-Adventure£49.99
MossAdventure puzzle£14.99
Moss: Book 2Adventure puzzle£22.99
Resident Evil 4 VRAction-Horror£29.99
The Walking Dead: Saints & SinnersAction-Adventure Horror£29.99
The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Chapter 2: RetributionAction-Adventure Horror£29.99
Until You FallAction RPG£18.99
SwarmArcade shooter£14.99
Journey of the GodsAction RPG£22.99
GORNArena, action, Hack-and-Slash£14.99
I Expect You To DiePuzzle Adventure£18.99
I Expect You To Die 2: The Spy And The LiarPuzzle Adventure£18.99
Puzzling PlacesCasual Puzzler£10.99
Walkabout Mini GolfArcade Mini Golf Sim£10.99
Echo VRAction SportsFree
DiRT Rally 2.0Racing Sim£17.99
Void Racer: ExtremeArcade, Racing£7.99
Beat SaberRhythm game£22.99
Pistol WhipRhythm shooter£22.99
RagnarockCasual Rhythm£18.99
Cities: VRCity Simulation, Management, Casual£22.99
TentacularGod Game, Humorous£18.99
The Last ClockwinderAutomation, First Person£18.99
SUPERHOT VRFirst-Person Shooter£18.99
OnwardShooter sim£18.99
Microsoft Flight SimulatorFlight Sim£59.99
Ultrawings 2Action Flying sim£18.99
No Man’s Sky VRSpace Sim, FPS, Exploration, Base Building, RPG£49.99
Green Hell VRSurvival, Action-Adventure£22.99
Into The RadiusSurvival, Shooter, Escape From Tarkov esqe£22.99
SubnauticaSurvival, Base building, Exploration, Story-driven£24.99
I Expect You To Die: Home Sweet HomeFree, Escape Room, PuzzlerFree
Bait!Free, Fishing Sim, Casual, Social VRFree
Gun RaidersFree-to-Play, Multiplayer, Arena Shooter, ArcadeyFree-to-Play

Best multiplayer Quest 2 game 2023

Among Us VR

The recognizable and endlessly fun game with plenty of friendly backstabbing has arrived to VR, aptly named Among Us VR. While some would discard this party game because of its icon status in popular culture, don’t as the deception game Among Us, where you complete puzzles while one or two players are hidden assassins tasked to kill you without getting caught is incredibly fun for you and your friends. And with this premise being in a fully realized 3D VR world makes everything much more fun.

The close runner-up: Wands Alliances

After taking lessons to heart from its previous game ‘Wands’, the Wands Alliance sequel builds on what made it great and discarded everything else. Wands Alliances is a multiplayer VR spell shooter where you sling magic fireballs and ice walls against your friends, trying to be the last witch or wizard standing. The only part that can easily be rectified in future DLCs is the lack of variation in spells and character classes, besides that, I can’t recommend Wands Alliances enough.

Best Quest 2 party game 2023


Despite sounding like “demo”, Demeo is widely known as one of the best Quest titles, jumping on the popularity of tabletop RPGs. This VR RPG thrusts you into procedurally-generated dungeons, lasting anywhere from 5 minutes to 2 hours. And even better, developer Resolution Games are continually adding content to this title.

The close runner-up: Acron: Attack of the Squirrels!

If you are seeking more of a competitive vibe and one that makes you yell profusely at your family and friends, look no further than Acron: Attack of the Squirrels! This party game has one with the Oculus Quest 2 to defend your tree from a barrage of attacking squirrels controlled by your friends and family on their smartphones. It is great fun and is sure to make your household the go-to for regular get-togethers.

Best adventure and story-driven Quest 2 games 2023

Half-Life: Alyx

It might be the cliché choice, but it is (objectively) the right choice. Because Half-Life: Alyx is considered one of the best virtual reality games out there, period. Like its spiritual predecessors, Alyx adopts stellar physics-based mechanics and an engrossing storyline. Also, who would say no to hurling glass bottles at guards in a stunning and immersive post-apocalyptic world?

Like other SteamVR games, you will need an Oculus Link cable to play Half-Life: Alyx as it is an exclusive SteamVR.

The close runner-up: Moss, and Moss Book 2

Once more you step into the paws of the adorable mouse Quill and the amorphous ‘reader’ going through the story. Moss and Moss Book 2 are action-adventure puzzle games in which you play the aforementioned adorable mouse exploring a fanciful world and fairytale. The first Moss made a splash in 2019 when it debuted due to its high quality and immersive story. So you should pick these two Quest 2 VR games up if you haven’t played them yet.

This category is too good to pick just two: Resident Evil 4 VR

Transporting you into the shoes of Leon S. Kenned, Resident Evil 4 VR elegantly realized the captivatingly scary world of Capcom’s classic games series. So if you are in the mood for shooting some holes in slowly approaching zombies, Resident Evil 4 VR is your game!

Capcom even teamed up with Meta to optimize the game for the Quest headsets.

Best Quest 2 RPG game 2023

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners, and The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Chapter 2: Retribution

Without a doubt, I discount any ‘top list’ that doesn’t feature the Saints & Sinners games. And while the zombie craze has died down, it doesn’t mean that The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners, and its newly released sequel, Chapter 2: Retribution, aren’t worth one (and two) looks. The Saints & Sinners games see you scavenge, shoot and sneak New Orleans in two meaty campaigns, incredible physics, plenty of RPG progression, monster variety, and faction warfare to keep things interesting for hours.

The runner-up: Until You Fall

I gotta have a rogue-lite game in here. So, the ever-rewarding rogue-like genre is capable of keeping you hooked for hours on end and Until You Fall is no exception. You will battle your way through dungeons in Souls-like combat of dual-wielded blades. Although the Dark Souls reference ends there, the grimdark medieval vibe is a far cry from the neon aesthetic and synth wave music you are immersed in.

Best action Quest 2 games 2023


A thrilling action shooter with grappling-hook mechanics that will leave you breathless. A light warning though, Swarm may cause some mild dizziness from the hectic shooting of drones in midair. “This game is definitely for any people who want a good Zero Gravity experience,” as one reviewer describes Swarm, “and wanna feel like you’re in Attack On Titan.”

The runner-up: Journey of the Gods

The closest thing you get to Zelda in VR is Journey of the Gods. This action-adventure game plays with perspective as a first-person view sees you battle bosses, and a third-person god-mode to manipulate the game worlds to your advantage.

This category is too good to pick just two: GORN

When the well-known indie studio behind Broforce, decided to bring its first foray into virtual reality gaming, it became an instant hit with the gory arena-gladiator slashing GORN. Just be wary of your nearby television, as this action hack-and-slash VR game can get intense.

Best exploration and puzzle Quest 2 game 2023

I Expect You To Die, and I Expect You To Die 2: The Spy And The Liar

First, if you haven’t played I Expect You To Die yet, then you are missing out. In fact, both the first and second game, I Expect You To Die 2 have you playing the part of Agent once more, attempting to solve a diabolical mystery with brainteasers galore and puzzle-solving through failure, i.e. death. With plenty of laugh-out-loud moments, I Expect You To Die 2, is lighter and funnier than its predecessor. In any case, the two games are excellent in leading up to the announced third game in this series: I Expect You To Die 3: Cog in the Machine.

The runner-up: Puzzling Places

There are plenty of relaxing and meditative experiences on SteamVR and the Quest store. But one of the best is Puzzling Places. This is a VR puzzle game in which you must complete photo-realistic 3D objects within the calming virtual environment and will almost guarantee that you will find yourself.

Best sports and workout Quest 2 game 2023

Walkabout Mini Golf

If you’ve ever played minigolf and wished the colorful and imaginative obstacles were the actual environment around you: Walkabout Mini Golf is for you. You will experience a tropical paradise, a snow-crested castle ruin, and a barren desert while experiencing solid mini-golf mechanics.

Take CNET’s word for it saying, “Brilliantly designed… Seriously, you have no idea how good VR mini-golf is.”

The runner-up: Echo VR

One of the few free-to-play games on this list, Echo VR has you embody futuristic robots to play esport-like games in multiplayer. Oh, and did I mention, it is in zero-gravity as well. Like other multiplayer-only games, it is paramount that a thriving community of players is existent to work, which Echo VR has.

Best racing Quest 2 game 2023

DiRT Rally 2.0

While racing sims in VR both are aplenty and limited (cough cough, 

iRacing, Project Cars, Assetto Corsa), DiRT Rally 2.0 with its fully realized virtual reality integration, takes the cake for me. There is nothing quite like racing on a muddy road, almost sliding off at any moment with the backdrop of captivating mountains in VR.

The runner-up: Void Racer: Extreme

The simple fact that Void Racer: Extreme works and is built for the Oculus Quest 2 in standalone mode made it onto this list. Because, for me, it is a great experience when I am not close to my gaming PC. The art style is unique and has a more neon Thumper look to it while it offers great value for its low price tag.

Best rhythm Quest 2 games 2023

Beat Saber

Following the legacy of music and rhythm games like Guitar Hero, Beat Saber sees you slice through colored blocks to the beat of the EDM song you are playing. Additionally, you must dodge impenetrable walls and devastating bombs, giving you a good workout!

Like other notable music games, you can install your own track to saber-jam. While the newest update for Beat Saber adds multiplayer, so you can challenge your buddies in swords play.

The runner-up: Pistol Whip

Think Beat Saber but with guns, and you have Pistol Whip. It is fast-paced and at some points hectic, and loads of fun. Taking inspiration from Superhot and John Wick, you whoosh down corridors of baddies that need blastin’. After you have mastered this shooter, you surely feel like a gun-fu!

This category is too good to pick just two: Ragnarock

Nordic heavy metal is well-known across the world, so combining it with Vikings creates Ragnarock. Ragnarock is a high-performance VR rhythm game where you command and control your longship based on your musical performance.

Best VR God Game for the Oculus Quest 2 2023

Cities: VR

Paradox’s Cities: Skylines took the city-building gaming community (it is bigger than you think) by storm as it struck a nerve after the letdowns prior Sim City games delivered. Rest in peace Maxis Emeryville. And now, with Cities: Skylines being ported to virtual reality with Cities: VR an entirely new dimension and calming city planning has been enabled. If you are into city-builders this is a must!

The runner-up: Tentacular

Taking the God Game genre literally is Tentacular in that you play as a cartoony Lovecraftian Kaiju-like squid monster wreaking havoc on a small seaside town, building a cult, and doing outlandish tasks for your minions as you play with them like ants. It is quite silly and fun.

Best Quest 2 automation VR game 2023

The Last Clockwinder

If you are into the automation genre and you read this phrase: The Last Clockwinder is a first-person Factorio in VR where you are the machines you design. Simply, after that sentence, I don’t need to write more, and I won’t, because you know it is for you.

Best Quest 2 shooters 2023

SuperHot VR

Ever since the original Superhot came out to PC, people said that it would excel as a virtual reality title. And boy they were not wrong. The simple concept of time only moves, when you move almost seems made for VR. And despite the bullet-time, SuperHot VR gets intense. This should definitely be sitting in your VR gaming library.

The runner-up: Onward

Onward goes for a realistic and tactical shooter experience. Akin to Rainbow Six: Siege, you will need to go wireless as frequent ducking behind covers will be a common occurrence, shielding you from intense firefights.

Best flight Quest 2 games 2023

Microsoft Flight Simulator

This awe-inspiring flight simulator from Microsoft only works with an Oculus Link cable as it is found on SteamVR. But it is worth it because once you see the realism achieved by Microsoft, your mind will be blown! And if you are ever in a procrastinating mood, look up how they managed to get this realism; it is fascinating.

The runner-up: Ultrawings 2

If Microsoft Flight Simulator caught your fancy but you want a more arcade(y) and cartooney feel, Ultrawings 2 is your game. Compared to its predecessor, Ultrawings 2 offers fun racing or dog fighting combat for north of 50 hours, with copious amounts of planes and airports to unlock.

This category is too good to pick just two: No Man’s Sky VR

Much more than a flight sim (or space sim in this case), No Man’s Sky VR is a survival first-person shooter with an outstanding exploration of deep space and neat base building. It is a huge game in a literal sense as the developer has released numerous and substantial content updates to the VR game while also enjoying a procedurally-generated space for infinite exploration potential. 

Best Quest 2 survival games 2023

Green Hell VR

Immersive survival done right in virtual reality is arguable the best experience you can have, and with Green Hell VR, you get an incredible survival VR experience. Stepping into the role of anthropologist Jake Higgins, you will explore the equally deadly and beautiful jungle of the Amazon. Build shelters and structures with crafted tools, fish, hunt, and find the mysterious within with this immersive title.

The runner-up: Into The Radius

A game genre I always wanted to see explored better in virtual reality is Escape from Tarkov-type games, and while Into The Radius is not a one-to-one, it is pretty darn close. This survival shooter has a realistic feel to it with scavenging for spoiled food, repairing guns, and quests prompting you to explore the run-down environment. The sound design could be better but the developers have been diligent to keep updating it with new content regularly. Check out Into The Radius.

This category is too good to pick just two: Subnautica

By itself, Subnautica is a survival game with deep base-building and crafting mechanics, stellar exploration of a foreign deep-sea alien world, and a mysterious campaign that pushes ever further and ever deeper. But when you introduce VR to the mix everything and your fear of the ocean turns up a notch.

Best free Quest 2 games 2023

I Expect You To Die: Home Sweet Home

While it is more suitable for a proper mixed reality headset, Home Sweet Home from the folks behind I Expect You To Die offers their distinct escape room and puzzle game experience for free but inside your home.

The runner-up: Bait!

Acting as both a Social VR experience and a casual fishing VR game with a light story. Bait! sees you fish in beautiful and relaxing environments ideal to strike up a conversation or reminisce a story. All in all, it is mindblowing how this VR game is for free as the production quality is very high!

This category is too good to pick just two: Gun Raiders

This next VR game is free-to-play, but you can buy cosmetics like gun skins for real money. Nevertheless, Gun Raiders is a free Unreal Tournament-style multiplayer arena shooter, and while it is not as polished and expansive as Hyper Dash, it is free to pick up right now to play it.

Best VR games mods for the Quest 2 2023

While VR mods that turn non-VR games into VR titles are not strictly “official,” they are one of the main reasons why PC VR headsets for gaming are superior to, for example, the newly released PSVR 2. I can’t stress enough how amazing it is to be able to play your all-time favorite games like The Outer Wilds, a game that manages to weave astrophysics into a touching story that will stick with you, or Deep Rock Galactic, one of the best team-based co-op mining-shooters ever made.

It is a glorious rabbit hole to fall into once you have initiated your ascent into VR mods.