The health of virtual reality: SteamVR June 2022

The health of virtual reality: SteamVR June 2022

Published: 17-07-2022
Updated: 30-03-2023

Many virtual reality headsets run on the operating system of SteamVR. So much that the growth in SteamVR indicates the health of the VR hardware industry based on consumer adoption. Note that headsets using other operating systems than SteamVR are omitted.

This article series will highlight each month the SteamVR decrease, stagnation, or increase, indicating the health of the PC virtual reality HMD industry. This article shows the SteamVR statistics for June 2022

Snapshot of the virtual reality industry

Currently, there are 2.5 million SteamVR users, meaning that 2.5 million virtual reality headsets that run SteamVR are within the market. Since 2017 monthly active SteamVR users have seen year-over-year growth with an all-time high of 24,178 monthly active users in January 2022.

For June 2022, Oculus/Meta Quest 2 is continuing as the best-selling VR headset in history, nearly achieving an impressive 50 % market share. Similarly, since May, Pico Neo 3 Link increased its market share by 0.11 % to a total of 0.74 %.

Market share statistics based on virtual reality headsets

steam vr stats

Average monthly active SteamVR users

graph vr health june 2022

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Cambria and PSVR 2 may blow some life into VR HMD sales

The GPU supply chain shortages have likely negatively impacted PC VR sales, combined with recent rising inflation. However, later this year, Meta and PlayStation will release their long-awaited mixed reality headset Project Cambria and PlayStationVR 2. These introductions of new headsets into the ecosystem may reinvigorate PC VR HMD sales, as VR games from PlayStation first- and second-party studios are likely to drive sales. Additionally, once Apple enters the virtual reality industry with their mixed reality headset, either later this year or early next year, we will see more manufacturers enter.