The Lynx R1 VR and MR headset has launched

The Lynx R1 VR and MR headset has launched

Published: 18-11-2022
Updated: 26-05-2023

Since the immensely successful Kickstarter in Fall 2021, the European mixed reality contender Lynx launched their first headset today. Named Lynx R1, the VR and MR headset is positioned as an alternative to the Quest Pro, Pico 4 Enterprise, Lenovo Thinkreality VRX and HoloLens 2. So let’s see what this impressive headset has to offer.

Lynx R1 Specifications

Lynx R1
Resolution Dual 1600×1600 LCD with 18 PPD (Pixels Per Degree)
Field-of-View 90° Circular
Video passthrough Full-color RGB with real time image processing
Optics 4-Fold Catadioptric Freeform Prism
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2
Connectivity Bluetooth 5.0, WiFi 6, and USB-C
Tracking 6 DoF Inside-out from 2 B/W cameras, 2 infrared cameras, 2 visible light cameras
Hand Tracking Yes
Eye Tracking Yes
Controllers 6DoF custom controllers
Battery life 3 hours of active use
Price $1,099

Key features

As Lynx R1 is aimed at both professionals and prosumers, the features the mixed reality headset comes with are groundbreaking.

A unique lens on the Lynx R1

The 4-fold catadioptric freeform prism in R1 enables the headset to act as an augmented and virtual reality headset simultaneously. Incidentally, this also marks the first time a mixed reality headset was released achieving this, as before the R1 this has only been seen in R&D prototypes from the likes of Meta.

The 4-fold catadioptric optics enable the same lightweight and thin form factor as the pancake and waveguide lens. Additionally, this innovative lens is compatible with the R1’s eye tracking cameras, increasing the tracking quality and enabling dynamic foveated rendering.

Focus on data privacy

The Lynx R1 will be centered around values of data and personal privacy. It means no Facebook or Meta account is needed, not even a Microsoft Azure cloud requirement. In fact, the information gathered from the headset is fully accessed by you through a platform agnostic and open SDK platform.

Next level video passthrough and hand tracking

Living up to its mixed reality category, Lynx R1 will process in real-time full-color video passthrough to create a stable and seamless view of the world around you. Similarly, hand tracking from Ultraleap works effortlessly in 6DoF, enabling you to interact with the real world in augmented reality; see the latest demo below.


Lynx R1 Enterprise edition will have a price of $1,099. This puts it between the Quest Pro and Pico 4 Enterprise headsets.