The Most Anticipated Headsets of 2024 – Apple Vision Pro, Lynx R1, Sony’s Latest Headset and More

The Most Anticipated Headsets of 2024 – Apple Vision Pro, Lynx R1, Sony’s Latest Headset and More

Published: 22-03-2024
Updated: 22-03-2024

With several high-profile headsets slated for release in the upcoming months, each promises to bring its unique innovations and enhancements to the field.
This article gives an overview of the current and upcoming headsets of 2024.

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Apple Vision Pro: The Trendsetter

The Apple Vision Pro delirium is officially on. The company started to ship orders in some countries, others will follow, and we’re glad to announce that this high-end device is available for rent at VR Expert

So much has been written on this subject since Apple’s entrance into the XR scene in June 2023. We will just reiterate that this is a device for a premium sector that stands out with its technical capabilities, design and immersive modes featuring predominantly applications for entertainment and productivity.

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Pico 5: Between Rumors and Reality

The Pico 5 VR headset, which had been highly anticipated in the virtual reality market, is reportedly canceled. This decision came after the previous model, the Pico 4, did not meet the company’s consumer sales expectations. And even though Pico 4 will allegedly get an update, it looks like ByteDance is shifting its focus towards developing a high-end VR headset that can compete with Apple’s Vision Pro. This project, codenamed Swan, is still in the experimental and conceptual phase, and there is no clear timeline for its release. Despite setbacks, Pico remains a key player in the VR industry catering to various markets.

Lynx R1: The Long-Awaited Debut

The Lynx R-1 represents a notable milestone in the XR industry with its long-awaited debut. It has achieved remarkable success in its Kickstarter campaign, surpassing its funding goal and signaling strong market interest. The long absence of detailed information has fueled curiosity about what differentiates the Lynx R-1 from its competitors, but now we know more. Lynx started shipping last summer/fall, but reorients from consumer to enterprise audience in 2024.

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Sony’s Latest Headset for Spatial Content Creation

Sony’s upcoming XR headset, showcased at CES 2024, marks a new direction in spatial content creation for professionals. Equipped with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon XR2+ Gen 2 chipset and dual 4K OLED microdisplays, it offers a self-contained, high-resolution mixed reality experience. This headset, which is yet to be named, is expected to be released later in 2024 and is meant to become a creative tool for professionals, which diverges from Sony’s previous VR gaming focus​​​​.

A Powerhouse Collaboration of Samsung, Google and Qualcomm

Lastly, even though it’s not a VR device per se – at least not yet, there is a confirmed collaboration between Samsung, Google and Qualcomm, which should bring major breakthroughs to VR/AR hardware this year. This alliance, bringing together companies’ know-how in consumer electronics and excellent chip technology will catalyze development of new state-of-art technologies and devices.


These upcoming releases will inevitably leave a mark in the XR market in 2024. At this point, expectations are high, and the industry’s direction will likely be influenced by how well these products align with consumer needs and the expectations of professional audiences. That means to what degree they will be able to integrate with the existing entertainment and social interactive applications, as well as operation workflows that companies already have set in place.

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