The new Varjo 3.4 update champions advanced Extended Reality

The new Varjo 3.4 update champions advanced Extended Reality

Published: 11-01-2022
Updated: 30-01-2023

Varjo recently announced its latest update of its Varjo Base software. The Varjo Base 3.4 update contains some key features to support the use of Varjo Aero headset. As well as overall improvements to the software itself for the current Varjo XR-3 and Varjo VR-3 headsets.

What does the Varjo 3.4 Base update bring?

Under the banner of transforming “the way professionals work, create, and experience reality”, the new Varjo 3.4 Base update brings revolutionary XR features to light.

First is the due diligence in supporting Varjo’s new and more accessible VR headset: Varjo Aero.

A headset targeting a broader enterprise adoption and the prosumer market with its lighter weight, stellar resolution, lower price point, and laptop compatibility.

Further, the update has integrated the Aero HMD into the personal account system for both security and compliance purposes. As Varjo says with this new update, we are “welcoming all to participate on the journey towards true-to-life virtual reality experiences.”

Additionally, a cabin background is released, while being able to quickly transition between the Cabin view for creative thought, Grid view for precision work, and a Real-world view when your colleague asks you questions.

vr expert - varjo base 3.4

Here is the list of the 3.4 Base update

  • Varjo Aero integration: Our newest headset, the Varjo Aero, is now officially supported in Base 3.4
  • Seamless and secure account system: Varjo personal accounts added to Varjo Account Portal, account type is now displayed in the dropdown menu
  • Creation tool integration for VR-3 and Aero: Varjo Workspace and virtual monitor support are now available for Varjo VR-3 and Aero
  • Further interaction options: Assign keyboard/mouse–shortcut to quickly switch between XR applications and your Workspace, and Enable VR controllers to control your Workspace
  • Cozy new virtual setting: New virtual background experience added – Cabin
  • Utilize in-house reality platform better: Option to enable or disable Varjo Workspace (XR-3, VR-3, Aero, and XR-1 Developer Edition)
  • Simple rendering: Ability to turn off the focus display for Varjo XR-3 and VR-3, increasing overall performance
  • Further tracking options: OpenXR Vive Tracker support added
  • Fine-tune simulation: Motion Platform Support in Varjo Base when the plugin is installed
  • Develop magical xxtendedrReality: Single adaptor support added (Varjo XR-3 and VR-3)

Varjo also made improvements and optimization updates on existing features seen in full detail in the release notes.

Features that stick out

One feature that points out is the seamless and integrated work views. Namely integrating the fully immersive virtual world with an in-world screen displaying a video feed. So you can grab your Vive controllers while wearing the headset; changing your virtual world view with a press of a button on your computer keyboard moving from the Cabin-view to a workspace environment.

Lastly, Varjo released an option of “Simple Rendering” lessening the screen resolution by disabling the focus area of the Bionic Display™ technology, allowing you to change the resolution of your display shown on your PC to reduce the load on your PC.

vr expert - varjo xr3


The Varjo Base 3.4 update further integrates Varjo’s new Aero VR headset into the Extended Reality ecosystem of Varjo, further broadening enterprise adoption and the prosumer market into their platform.

Furthermore, the update brings revolutionary mixed reality features to light in the form of interchangeable workspaces and the real reality while being able to see a Varjo headset.

All in all, cementing Varjo as one of the leaders within extended reality.