The Next Leap in Affordable VR: The Pico G3+ and G3S

The Next Leap in Affordable VR: The Pico G3+ and G3S

Published: 22-03-2024
Updated: 28-03-2024

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The Pico G3+ and G3S models introduce updates to Pico’s VR headset range, focusing on enhanced storage and user comfort. Building on the success of the Pico G3‘s foundational features, these new models cater to niche markets with specific needs – mainly healthcare and creative industries. The G3+ model emphasizes hygiene and comfort, while the G3S is designed for high-demand applications that need large storage. Let’s look at how these headsets can help you address demands of specialized use cases.

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Pico G3+ and G3S: Storage Upgrades and New Features

The strengths of the previous Pico G3 that will remain

The Pico G3 line extension will keep foundational strengths of the G3 including the Snapdragon XR2 platform, 6GB RAM, a 4K high-resolution display, 98-degree FoV and 90Hz refresh rate. The Pico G3 is a standalone 3DoF VR headset that was an iteration of the successful Pico G2 4K, discontinued in early 2023. Pico decided to focus on 3DoF (instead of 6DoF which remains for Pico 4 Enterprise) as a strategic choice that speaks volumes about their understanding of needs in the niche VR market.

The 3DoF technology tracking rotational movements such as yaw, pitch, and roll, but not positional movements (up/down, left/right, forward/backward) along with interactive 360° content display provides simplicity and balance between immersive experience and ease of use. 3DoF is suitable for applications where full positional tracking is not necessary or practical and is mostly focused on viewing content like events, movies and virtual touring, or therapeutic and rehabilitative use cases where users might have mobility constraints.

The reduced complexity of 3DoF also contributes to a faster user adaptation for those with little to no VR experience – that is due to intuitive interaction, simplified hardware, lower cognitive load, focused content delivery and overall broader compatibility.

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Upgrades coming with the G3+ and G3S

The Pico G3+ introduces 256GB storage and adjustable silicone straps, making it particularly suitable for medical environments with higher hygiene and comfort requirements. This headset is a great choice for clean rooms and controlled environments where concentration of dust, microbes or vapors has to be kept within strict limits. Beyond that, Pico G3+ accommodates extensive interactive content and 360° videos, making it perfect for immersive learning and training, VR museum tours, educational interactive 3D learning in schools and organizations.

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The Pico G3S variant pushes the envelope with 512GB of storage and silicone straps, and is tailor-made for high-demand applications that require significant data capacity and user comfort for extended periods, mainly large training and educational simulations, professional videography, and applications with high resolution textures and detailed immersive environment. Available only upon request, this model caters to niche markets or specific professional uses where large storage needs and durable, comfortable design are crucial.


The mentioned 3DoF can be restricting due to tracking rotational but not positional movements. This makes the headsets not suited for VR applications requiring full complex spatial navigation for example in industrial training, technical maintenance or simulations with fast complex movements. 


The launch of the G3+ and G3S models shows Pico’s commitment to refining the VR experience through feature enhancements and design modifications. The company sees eye to eye with users, which reflects in the evolution of the G3 to align with the varied and evolving needs of a niche client base.

With the G3+ and G3S models Pico shows adaptation and responsiveness to the special requirements of aforementioned specialized use cases, which is a crucial stance following the less-than-anticipated reception of the Pico 4. These advancements make the G3+ and G3S ideal for healthcare, medical and training environments, creative industries and immersive learning. There is a clear focus on simplicity, ease of use, and broad compatibility shown by the decision to keep the 3DoF offering.

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