Vuzix introduces the M400-C: the second edition of Vuzix M400

Vuzix introduces the M400-C: the second edition of Vuzix M400

Published: 10-01-2022
Updated: 30-01-2023

Vuzix announces a new edition to their M-Series smart glasses, under the name M400-C.  The M400-C is a tethered smart glass solution. The new device was announced by Vuzix during this year’s CES and is expected to start shipping in Q2-2022, and will be priced at $1,199.

Vuzix announces M400-C smart glasses during CES 2022

The American corporation Vuzix just announced during this year’s Consumer Electronics Show at the Pepcom, Central Hall, a new extension to their M-Series smart glasses family: the M400-C. A new smart glass, assisted reality (aR) device targeting enterprises offering a lower barrier to entry solution to the company’s flagships M400 and M4000 devices.

The M400-C has the same look and feel as the M400, as well as the same camera, display, controls and IP67 standards. The device is also compatible with all the current M-Series accessories. The key difference is that the M400-C is a tethered solution and is not capable of acting as a standalone device like the M400. The M400-C is designed to function as a USB-C peripheral.

Furthermore, Vuzix informed their investors that they just shipped initial production units to ‘a Windows PC manufacturer’, with further shipments expected to select partners in Q1-2022 leading into full production in Q2-2022. The M400-C will be priced at approximately $1,199.

vr expert - vuzix m400c

The features list

  • Camera: an autofocus HD camera, capable of streaming 1080p video at 60 fps.
  • Display: OLED display.
  • Microphone: noise-canceling mic.
  • Functionality: designed to be used as a USB-C peripheral: attaching itself to a portable computer or smartphone with a USB-C DisplayPort Alt.
  • User Interface: voice control, buttons, and touchpad.
  • Water resistance: IP67 certified translating to submersion in water for 30-minutes.

Features that stand out

“The M400-C is an ideal solution for enterprise customers that are looking for either an addition to an existing smartphone or a Windows-based computer to run on. It targets similar general use cases as our M400 but just plugs into another device to serve as a very capable tethered USB-C peripheral,” Paul Travers, President and Chief Executive Officer at Vuzix, describes. He continues, “This solution is ideal for users wanting to use a wearable device for hands-free access to their smartphone or Windows apps.”

Namely, the tethering to either a smartphone or computer opens a wider array of use cases with applications that require demanding processing. Examples could be analysis of malfunctioning machinery, in-depth visualization of live construction designs, or optimized crop fertilization and cultivation. In essence, all use cases possibilities are offered in the existing known ergonomic design of Vuzix’s current portfolio of smart glasses. 

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Vuzix’s well-known M-Series devices have just gotten bigger with the addition of the M400-C to the already successful M400 and M4000. Namely, the tethered functionality integrates and expands enterprise usage, as local software can be run and interacted with the M400-C, effectively lowering entry into both assisted and augmented reality.

The new smart glass M400-C edition is expected to go into production in Q2-2022 and will be priced at $1,199.