Was Oculus Quest Pro Leaked?

Was Oculus Quest Pro Leaked?

Published: 21-10-2021
Updated: 30-01-2023

The Oculus Quest Pro possibly leaked in an Oculus video tutorial. In a series of leaks leading up to the Facebook Connect event, it seems that everything points towards a new headset from Facebook.

The Video Tutorial Leak

On the 24th of October, an Oculus tutorial video was released. Within this video, we see a new headset, controllers, and a charging dock. It is a series of new animated products. Which have enticed the XR community to question if these are potentially leaked products. Namely, the speculation falls on the much alluded Quest Pro.

The leak was first caught by the Twitter user @Basti564, who released a series of videos/GIFs showing the new possible headset, controllers, and charging dock. On his Tweets, Bastian credits a person named “Samulia”. But it is believed that Samulia is the codename for the new headset inside the firmware. Namely, in Basti564’s follow-up videos, we see the new controller designs, distinctly lacking the old tracking rings and a charging dock.

VR Expert - Oculus Quest Pro

The lack of tracking rings was then speculated to signify an inside-out tracking system for the new Quest Pro controllers. The tracking system enables the wearer to detach from tracking sensors, giving more freedom in using the possible new headset.

Lastly, this possible leak occurred just before Facebook’s Connect event: an online developer conference focused on Facebook’s Virtual and Augmented Reality plans within the industry. As it says on the event website, an “event that explores the future of augmented and virtual reality.” The Facebook Connect event is where speculations possibly will be confirmed, which will go live on the 28th of October. But this was not the only leak leading up to this possible Pro reveal.

The Prototype Pictures Teased from Bosworth

Another link is the teased prototype photo from Andrew “Boz” Bosworth.
One of the two pictures that Andrew teased had a more finished and stylish flair to it. So much that it provoked a sarcastic Tweet from Even Alvin Wang Graylin, President for HTC China, as it looks to compete with HTC’s new stylish headset Vive Flow. The link is that this Boz teased prototype has a striking resemblance to the headset model in the video tutorial.

VR Expert - Andres Bosworth

The Firmware v32 Leak & Zuckerberg’s Statements

Another link was found within the firmware v32 update for the Quest line-up referencing an “Oculus Quest Pro” with eye and face-trackingBacking up this leak was Zuckerberg stating in an interview with CNET that a possible Oculus Quest Pro is in the future for Facebook. It should be mentioned that the headset we see in the tutorial videos simply could be placeholder models and nothing to look into. But with all the links we just pointed out, it seems to be alluding to a release of either a Quest 3 or the more likely Quest Pro, maybe at the upcoming Facebook Connect event going live on the 28th of October.