What is Pico Business Suite?

What is Pico Business Suite?

Published: 17-11-2022
Updated: 26-05-2023

With Pico Business Suite, PicoXR shows determination and care for its enterprise partners using their VR headsets. This article will explain what Pico Business Suite is and why it is important for businesses.

What is the Pico Business Suite

Pico Business Suite is an enterprise-specific operating system seen on the new and compelling Pico 4 Enterprise. It connects the headset with a universal control panel or Mobile Device Management platform, where the user can manage workflows, operate multiple VR headsets, control access to content, and determine privacy settings compliant with ISO 27001/27701 certification.

This pivotal business application is built around three pillars: synchronization, streaming, and kiosk mode, with a dedicated enterprise VR app store and open devkits.

Synchronization and streaming

The Pico Business Suite ensures a stable and reliable connection between the Pico 4 Enterprise VR headset and computer or external monitor.

Streaming through the Pico Business Suite comprises the Pico Streaming Assistant. A UI/UX platform guiding the user every step of the way to enable a steady streaming experience.

Kiosk mode

Crucial in location-based VR use cases like conference stands and simulation training, Kiosk mode through Pico Business Suite enables you to tailor the headset to your needs. For example, you can have the headset only be able to access one application from a standardized account.

Business app store and devkits

Lastly, Pico Business Suite includes an app store focused on productivity and business-specific use cases. Enterprises will be able to find solutions to its challenges easier or access numerous Android Package Kits that enable businesses to sideload custom software onto the Pico VR headset. Alternatively, Pico Business Suite is an open platform where you can develop custom software in Android Studio, OpenXR, Unity, and Unreal Engine for your virtual reality headset.